1. I saw Nine with my parents when it came out in 2009. It was billed as being this amazing movie with a bunch of famous stars, Daniel Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, etc. It was the most boring thing I'd ever watched. At points during the film myself and both my parents momentarily fell asleep from boredom. When we left we talked about how rubbish it was and heard another couple saying the same thing

  2. If you count Matt as being both the last Doctor of the First Cycle and the first Doctor of the Second Cycle (since he did perform "regeneration number thirteen") and Jodie to Sacha and back again as legit regenerations then by the time we reach Ncuti's Doctor he'll be the 7th Second Cycle Doctor with another possible 6 regenerations left

  3. 456 by a mile if you count the extended whoniverse. Specifically DW I'd say either The Flood, Midnight Entity, The Family of Blood or Dream Lord

  4. Now i really wish they had given him one. I like him as a character but christ his face looks like plastic without the hair and i just can't find him attractive like that

  5. Stacks of money but only notes, not coins and the notes have to be paper not polymer.

  6. Entirely depends on where you're from. Contactless is commonplace in the UK with most places having the option

  7. I wish he wasn't kicked off. Personally I'm attracted to him and enjoy his bonus scenes since you can flirt with him in them. Would have loved a redemption and falling for mc arc 🥲

  8. I was playing Cards Against Humanity with my friends a couple of years ago (I still think about this because of how dark it was)..

  9. I used to love that game. My best/darkest combo was "Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm" "Madeleine McCann"

  10. Heard this on a tv show a couple weeks ago "What activity do 9 out of 10 people recommend? Gang rape."

  11. The game isn't necessarily dying per say, it's more down to how Storytaco manages themselves as a company. They have more of a quantity over quality approach to games and have churned a bunch out in order to try to gain as much profit as possible. At the moment they're more interested in putting the effort into their new games and drip feeding ones like AT. It is a shame as i do like this one but the lack of content is giving me time to actually max out all my cards and gain keys

  12. A purple gameboy colour with pokemon yellow

  13. If I'm buying it a Long Island Iced Tea. If I'm making it myself a Purple Rain

  14. I'm uncut and being cut isn't very common at all where I'm from (UK) and I'm very glad for that. I can understand adults self consenting to having it done for medical reasons but doing it to a non consenting child is literally genital mutilation and is in my opinion disgusting.

  15. I don't have one myself but when i was little i had a neighbour whose mark covered a quarter of her face so i assume bludgeoned to death which is a bit grim

  16. Considering I'd have to relive my grandad dying the next day, not great

  17. Too hot or too cold? Run your wrists under the opposite tap/faucet for a moment

  18. It was when la la land came out. Movie was a bit meh for me tbh, really disappointed in the ending

  19. If it can't be exchanged for something non apple related then it'll be regifted

  20. As long as it's not for a publicity stunt I'd say the rich person. Anyone with money can just throw a cheque at a cause and say they're a good person. It takes an actual good person to be involved and actually care.

  21. I'm pretty conflicted on it. The logical side of me thinks we turn off like switching off a light and nothing is there and the possibility of heaven etc is too fairytale. But there is a part of me that wonders about reincarnation from an experience i had but don't remember. I was only just old enough to string sentences together watching my sister play mum with her doll when i turned to my mother and her friend and said the words "In my past life i used to be a woman and had endometrosis" They didn't even know what it was, had to look it up and to this day we have no idea where i could have even learned the word.

  22. When i was younger i asked my dad to play wii golf with me as he loves golf. Big unintentional mistake. He proceeded to swing, accidentally let go of the remote which flew into a mug full of tea which flew into and smashed our tv.

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