1. I’ve been spending too much time with the Navy lately. We aren’t fat. We salute and respect the rank. We make sure our uniforms (and each others) aren’t jacked up. We are proud to be Marines no matter how shitty our job is, or how bad of a day we’re having.

  2. Hell, I was on Pendleton and was use to infantry barracks. I met a navy chick that worked on north island. She invited me over for the weekend 👉🏼👌🏼. I asked her how I could stay the weekend with a roommate and she looked at me like I was stupid and told me to get in the car. She takes me over and while it wasn’t what OP described it was way more nicer than mine. It was a key card door, enter into a small common room, small couches, to left was small fridge (not mini but small), sink, and cupboards, a clean bathroom with a working lock, on each side of the common room was individual bedrooms. I proceeded to pound town all weekend. Got her pregnant and then got married, 16 yrs later we’re still fighting a lot and then going to pound town on each other.

  3. I personally don't feel afraid, but then again I'm a 5'11" man. I want to ask if women passengers feel less safe.

  4. Low reg, gunny rolls, low bloused boots, faded cammies. Permanent look of annoyance on your face. Expert proficiency in your MOS.

  5. The last one is by far the most important!!! And be yourself

  6. The FEW, the PROUD, the Marines. 'MURICA FUCK YEA!

  7. Currently a lawyer in the Marine Corps with a bachelor’s in economics.

  8. Currently a lawyer in the Marine Corps as well. Hard disagree. If you are enlisted before you go officer, you will have way more knowledge and cred. Especially if you are combat arms. If you’re really dedicated, you will use tuition assistance and take college classes online during your enlistment. Ideally you can finish most of college this way. Then you use your GI bill to go to law school. If you are a stud and you have the initiative, you will convince Manpower & Reserve Affairs that you are qualified to apply for the Funded Legal Education Program or to do MECEP but for law school. Where there is a will there is a way, I promise you that. Save this comment and make it happen. If we go to war and you’re at law school or already a judge advocate, you will regret not enlisting in combat arms. And you will regret never getting to be a Lance Corporal. You’ll understand later. Good luck kid.

  9. Could you? Yes. Should you? No. Trying to lat move into ANY mos as a senior NCO is typically never a good idea. You’ll be expected to compete with your peers that have spent their entire career in the MOS, and are intimately with TTPs and how to operate within the community. If it is something you are especially passionate about, talk to your career planner. Depending on your current MOS and performance therein, you might have a shot.

  10. For this reason I highly recommend doing something fun to get NJP’d down to Lance if you do successfully lat move. Make it worth it!

  11. My mother in law thinks literally anything is crazy. Gate guards saluting me, buying uniforms, going to the range. Deploying and training obviously.

  12. No but I think it would keep a lot of guys from being AdSepped/incarcerated (choice not to reenlist made for them)

  13. An LOL provoking response to the (hopefully wannabe) criminals wearing ski masks everywhere. But what is the name of this fallacy? lol.

  14. This sub is a goddamn joke, I guess you don’t associate with any black people in real life to ask them huh??

  15. Lol a lot of white people in dc don’t have black friends who they’re like actually friends with. Is that weird/racist? Maybe! But asking this on Reddit is fine. It’s weird as fuck that people are wearing ski masks when it’s 70 degrees.

  16. You looking to turn this 96 into a 120 or something?

  17. Yesss I love small sandwiches with no meat for $20

  18. LOL I bet she watches neither the WNBA nor the Olympics

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