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  1. I watched him for one stream as he was in the recommendations and I joined his stream a few months later and he was just being an ass as soon as someone typed anything.

  2. My Cactuar brings all the girls to the yard, and they're like, Gimmie that 10,000 needle treatment, baybeeeeeeeeee!

  3. How do you achieve this I've got some ducks that we raised from hatchlings and they just run away no matter what we do even after being picked up at least every day whilst they were ducklings.

  4. I think it depends on the duck and the breed. We have runners who will tolerate picking up but hate being petted, khakis who love cuddling, khakis who don't, pekins who like to be skritched on the neck and pekins who run like the devil is after them, rouens that like belly rubs but hate being touched behind the neck. They were mostly raised the same way, but like people, they are all individuals.

  5. I get thatvit may depend on the duck and all but every single duck I've had haven't let us do anything with them.

  6. Last time I saw behaviour like that my duck was trying to fuck one of the other ones and ended up drowning it.

  7. Well that scenario certainly crossed my mind.. but I think they need to work on the logistics.

  8. Well when I said my ducks they were both female which dosent help it in the slightest.

  9. Damn I didn't expect it to do that it looked fine when I went ot upload it

  10. I can agree with this as I've had a teacher say that to me just to prove them wrong.

  11. Yeah the bigger one looks like a blue swedish but that's just a guess according to size and colour.

  12. Np. And yes that's how I learned what certain breeds looked like so it's really only all you can do.

  13. Cause the world would be better off without you. Make it suffer.

  14. From the looks of it they are either American Pekin's or German Pekin's.

  15. but its on your ship...ordis will miss you...and so would she

  16. The ability to disappoint everyone whilst having failed at nothing.

  17. Yareli cause who dosent love playing with bubbles.

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