1. Yes there's hope although I had thought I would at least feel the first dose. Definitely heavy now I've gone to bed and had a spliff but I usually get heavy from a spliff anyway so it's difficult to distinguish if you know what I mean. Here's to hoping bro - happy tripping if it goes in your favour 😉 I do know that a good part of it comes when you've actually fallen asleep in lucid dreaming / obe / astral travel which I love 👍

  2. You still didn't get any effects?

  3. Absolutely nothing. I'm just this minute talking to another friend about the preparation process. We are going foraging tomorrow and if we find any we are going to meticulously follow the procedure 👍

  4. Well that sucks. I also got nothing almost, and I thought I prepared it correctly. Anyways, wish you better luck next time. I'm going to up the dose some more, hopefully I don't get hyperslapped 😂

  5. I wish I could remember the EXACT amount, as I also have a ph meter, but I’m PRETTY sure I used about 1/2 a tsp for 250ml of water recently. Another tip- if you dip your finger in and taste it, it would have about the same sourness as lemon juice (not flavor, of course)

  6. Too late anyways, it's cookin' rn. Hopefully I'll be fine. Just used most of a lemon.

  7. I'm still here 😂 Got home a bit later than expected yesterday, so think I'll maybe do it today instead.

  8. Follow up question, does anyone have any idea what amount of citric acid would be guaranteed to be lower than 2.7? I will be brewing in one cup of water.

  9. yea you can do that. I think pure lemon juice would be the correct pH but that’s a lot of lemon juice. you can get a really good pH meter for about $50 USD and a good-enough one for less.

  10. Awesome, thanks! Will try it tomorrow. Ok, maybe it will be easier to use citric acid then, I have it too. I actually bought pH strips today but when I got home I saw that they only measured down to 6,6 pH... And stores are closed tomorrow, and I want to trip then. But I'm probably going to buy a meter when I'm able, or maybe order online.

  11. Well at first the gummies were great, like very potent. And now it’s hit or miss(mostly miss) with the gummy’s. Thought I would give the real deal a try and I’m very disappointed. I brewed 6g of dried amanita caps and felt nothing last night. Maybe my calculations are off? I get the purple co amanita gummy from the store says 3000 mg on the package which would be 3 grams? I ate double that last night of the dried amanita caps and didn’t feel a thing The lab result says 3mg/g of muscimol for the purple , but the caps tested at 4.5mg/g Did I get a bad batch or is the caps just not strong

  12. I did 5g two days ago and felt nothing like you. Upped the dose to 8g yesterday and got noticeably high. Also I've heard the caps can vary a lot in potency.

  13. It's the first time where I'm definitely feeling it. I just feel weird, idk how to explain it. Feel kinda drunk and floaty when walking around. Waves of cold, intense chills. Have felt really sleepy. I have had a mild nausea the whole time, but it has settled a bit. Curious to maybe try 10g or so next time. But I will definetly get a pH meter or some strips so I can hopefully avoid nausea.

  14. Also took 5g yesterday, just made tea without lemon, and felt nothing.

  15. I guess the only logical crit here is more of a question: Did you run out of purple?

  16. I actually did not. You talking about the 3D? If so, what I was trying to do was make the sides facing left dark, and the sides facing right light. So i just used black for the dark sides. The purple actually looks a lot darker in real life, so I thought it kind of made sense. But I was still kinda unsure about the final result. Anyways, I take that as a good crit. Thanks!

  17. I see! Nobody in Norway at least, as far as I know.

  18. Clean! Especially the B looks dope as fuck. I don't know if you've tried this before, but you should consider going in with a thin pen (looks like you used one for your tag) to make the edges more pointy. Really helps to crisp up sketches.

  19. Not everywhere but The E reads like an R to me in multiples places (3rd photo)

  20. I see you edited the post. Yeah, will try harder to avoid what's happening in the 3rd picture with some e's looking like R's, thank you!

  21. Yeah, I get your point. Especially in the third picture some of them looks very much like an R. Was hoping that if i kept the last part of the E low enough it would not be a problem. But when someone read it as an R anyway thats something I want to consider. Any thoughts how you would solve it? Try to make it even lower/more straight, or arch it completely like a more regular e?

  22. Only middle left could be read as Chomp. The first one could be read as Chomd. Just avoid the last bit touching the m and you'll be fine. Other than that it looks good. Maybe the H could be read as a W. I would suggest maybe keeping the left part of the line straight instead of arching it downwards.

  23. In my opinion your T looks a bit too much like an S most of the time. But I think it looked enough like a T on the lower left of the upper right paper. Looks very good for a couple weeks. Dig the G.

  24. Ay appreciate it man ! The T has always been smt I haven’t super liked, gna work on it

  25. Awesome. Wrote something wrong btw, fixed it now. Meant upper right.

  26. Extend the left part of the e's and bend it under the right part. Make the v more pointed. Also, the S kinda looks like a backwards a.

  27. The S would flow better if: After the first loop starting from the top, it did not start to get thinner before reaching the halfway point of the inner empty space.

  28. Letters look pretty good but the shadow doesn't make a lot of sense so I suggest you work a bit on that.

  29. Lots of good stuff here. Try not to have things line up perfectly like at the bottom of the M. Make them different lengths and overlap in some way. The middle and top of the M is dope though. Also make the side og the M overlap the O a little bit.

  30. Looks pretty good overall.

  31. Try to make the letters overlap in a more random way, and not have the corners line up like on the top and bottom of EN. Same with the bottom of TO and top of KE. The top of TO, bottom of KE and OK looks good.

  32. Looks good! I would maybe work a bit on how the letters connect/overlap. You could for example instead of having the bottom of the N and Z lined up like that, move the Z a bit down and to the left so that the bottom corner of the N overlaps it. It would look more natural in my opinion unless you're going for a lined up style, but then i would have done it with all letters.

  33. Thanks exactly what I needed but have you an idea on how to make the N better

  34. Honestly I think the N works, but generally I would make the middle \ line either the same thickness or thinner than the two outer lines.

  35. I like a looper style approach and for me, the Squarp Pyramid worked the best. I really enjoy the way things like swing and quantize are midi effects you can dial in and out (along with a whole load of other effects). For someone who wants to focus on playing their parts in and manipulating them in various ways (but less so doing refined editing) then I recommend it.

  36. Ah, have heard good things about this one as well. With looping I assume it doesn't snap to the grid like a step sequencer would? That actually sounds like something I would want.

  37. Perkons is super easy to get grooves down on and pretty fun to play

  38. This one was new to me, looks cool!

  39. So I've been thinking about this. The maximum *possible* 'polyphony' that MIDI allows is 128x16 (2048) per individual MIDI output, if you actually wanted all notes of the scale to play simultaneously on all channels (which would clearly sound awful) , and AFAIK pretty much any serious sequencer can do this (it's a trivial task in data terms). Ergo the question is pretty much meaningless. Any limitation to polyphony is an intentional design choice.

  40. I read that the SQ-64 and Digitakt sequencer has a limit of up to 8 notes polyphony per track, while the Deluge can play up to 64. I don't understand how the question is meaningless.

  41. I see. I guess I'm looking for a sequencer without such a design choise then. Or one were they have chosen 10 voices (or more). So I assume then that if polyphony is not specifically stated (like with the MPCs) they are practically unlimited?

  42. Raspberry pi runs JUCE pretty well and teensy can handle a lot of I/O and midi.

  43. Do you or someone else have any idea if this project could work with the smallest cheapest Raspberry Pi models like zero or pico or would they be too limited in some ways?

  44. Pico 100% can’t as it’s just a microcontroller and not a tiny linux computer like other raspberry pis. But zero will probably be able to run it, but depends on how much computational power your software will need

  45. Super helpful, thank you!

  46. loop pedal into your interface or mixer, dial the tempo manually with a metronome

  47. Any experience with looping acoustic guitar or other recorded audio and syncing it with synthesizers? Both with the guitar as a starting point and then adding synth layers on top of it, as well as adding guitar on top of a jam. Is it possible/easy to do in a live situation? I imagine it can be a bit complicated to dial in the tempo, but i don't know. Wondering how it compares to a midi controlled looper.

  48. The trick with octatrack is to not try to learn everything it does, but just pick one thing you want it to do and learn that, then add another thing, etc.

  49. Yeah, I will look more into it. Will probably have to go for something more cheap, for now at least.

  50. Buttons are good. Buttons keep your bud from burning when you get distracted. Mine has a momentary push button switch so you have to keep it pressed down to keep it heating. No accidents this way.

  51. That is a great point!

  52. I had to find this out the hard way, the first button I used in my build was just a standard on/off switch and I burned so many bowls that first week

  53. I am starting to reconsider the button.

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