1. Catelyn basically spills the beans in book 1, how can I be the only one who sees it?

  2. King's Landing wildfire is ignited with the Others inside, after they ravaged most of Westeros.

  3. In that case, they gave Victarion's role to Yara/Asha and Theon, that left Westeros in one episode and arrived at Meereen a few epusodes later, giving Dany her fleet. If that's the point of Victarion, then Victarion's journey and most of his chapters are useless.

  4. Didn't they leave the direwolves out for whole seasons? And bran was out for a season?

  5. With what plot? Both Bran and Sansa have very very few chapters in Feast and Dance. You need to give your characters something to do.

  6. They won't because Rhaenyra is HBO's new Daenerys :shrug:

  7. Well at least with her the turn to evil is actually gradual and logical

  8. Val isn't an actual princess. Marriage to her has no political power.

  9. We dont even know what further north is. It hasn't been fully explored, especially the lands of eternal winter. You could do ALOT with such a premise. And if George is gonna help write..sign me up. I mean I personally would like that over him going back south for some reason again.

  10. The main appeal of ASOIAF is the political complexity and mysteries. You may be able to write a nice adventure show in the far north, but not something that would appeal to the fanbase of GoT.

  11. Sure that original build up of GoT is gone, but that doesn't mean you couldn't have a really satisfying new show that rectifies the majority of the biggest problems. Will it fix Dany and her sudden shift to brutal violence of innocents? No, it won't. But it could fix the Night King's silly demise, make Jon's return from the dead more important, give Brianne a better ending, make Bran/3ER do something with his powers, the list goes on.

  12. They completely collapsed the political framework of Westeros with lazy writing. I don't care about ice zombies at this point.

  13. Someone grabs her hair and you do a close up of her and she says the line aloud who said anything about a voice over? Adaptions are taking those internal thoughts and weaving them into conversation that sounds natural. It’s what the show did a pretty good job doing for seasons 1-4.

  14. It would be very cringy spoken aloud. In the books it's part of a rapid stream of thoughts which is much more flowing and natural.

  15. I read the books but not in english. What's that part?

  16. "During our honeymoon safari in Africa, Bob and I were driving late at night, and he’d been drinking, and suddenly...thump. We hit something with our jeep. It was probably a man. We didn’t know what to do. We heard the police were corrupt and they might beat us, so we just kept driving as fast as we could. We bribed the airline, got on a plane that night, and fled home. Maybe it was just an ostrich...in a soccer uniform."

  17. To be fair it's a deleted scene so it's probably not canon. It's way too dark, which is probably why they removed it.

  18. Well the book is about fighting misogyny and patriarchy so idk what you want from it

  19. The last chapters of fire and blood, called “The Dying of the Dragons” which HoTD is based upon is the story of Rhaenyra and Aegon II Targaryen’s civil war concerning the sucsession of the Iron throne to Rhaenyra being taken away from her because of her gender, even though the former king Viserys I named her his heir.

  20. It is partly a story about fighting misogyny and patriarchy, but the story is much more complex.

  21. Roman homes used lead basins intentionally to sweeten water. For thousands of years humans have lived with lead poisoning.

  22. The short version: mods restricted memes to Mondays and discussion now must be tagged with spoilers up to the latest episode being discussed, largely due to the sub growing quickly.

  23. When 99% of participants watched all of it, what's the point of it? If someone wants to avoid spoilers he should wait until he's done.

  24. the borders look pretty good tbh (not from a political/ethnic point, they just look aesthetically pleasing lol)

  25. They are based on geographical features.

  26. Ah yes, the UN. Did you know that with all the doctatorships and humsn rights violation all around the world, more than half of the UN's condemnations have been towards Israel?

  27. This was in response to Pam stealing her clients. It's not discussed enough.

  28. Do they have Citadel Space Lasers?

  29. This one will have fire and blood coming out of her wherever

  30. Have you heard the tragic tale of princess Aerea Targaryen?

  31. Ahh okay. Well ninja is much different in context from a kimono let's say for example. If someone shows up in kimono costume to kill people that would be sketchy to me

  32. A Kimono to costume party is cool if done out of love for japanese culture rather than steroeotyping. I'm not sure why you'd want to kill people while wearing it, though.

  33. Can you give an example in which costumes are not offensive? Halloween seems pretty messed up to me but I want to understand if there are different scenarios

  34. Literally any costume where the intention is to have fun and celebrate a culture rather than stereotyping it. Are you painting yourself yellow and wear stereotypical japanese-like clothes because you think asians are funny? That's racist and wrong.

  35. I want Agatha to be the new cameo Wong and eventually fall in love with him

  36. I can see that. They are both very charismatic.

  37. Technically neither does the bible, at least the old testament. In judaism the bible is treated as a collection of writings from various historical eras, not literally god's words.

  38. Can we add a Deadly NeuroToxin to the game?

  39. That's a fancy way to say "I don't know"

  40. Hard disagree. The only common thing between stormfront and Hitler is that they both committed suicide. Oh, and also the master race thingy

  41. Did Stormfront ever commit genocide? She implied she wants to, but I don't think she ever got to it.

  42. She was a proper bazi regardless. She was a member of the OG nazi party and supported their ideology.

  43. It just sucks that both groups have seemed too devolved into this idea that the bloodshed won't end until "the miserable dogs on the other side's give up" A lot of the people on both sides likes to throw out the "and are all dead" scenario too.

  44. Golda Meir, a former Israeli PM said "If the palestinians lay down down their arms, there will be peace. If the Israeli lay down their arms, there will be no Israel", and she was right.

  45. I legitimately only watched it because of the cast and director because the plot was just so bizarre. Anyone else in the film or directing I'd of skipped it on plot being so strange.

  46. The Gestapo scene was hilarious, but the moment Elsa appeared it became terrifying. I was at the edge of my seat, which rarely happens in movies.

  47. AFFC/ADWD are un adaptable in their present form. They’re convoluted and meandering. They take the focus off main characters played by big-name actors to turn the focus onto new characters and new settings the audience doesn’t care about. Vast swathes of the books are given over to passive exposition. I love them as books, but they just don’t work in television.

  48. They barely work as books either. The climax of nearly every storyline is missing.

  49. The actress has gone through enough. She’s just had bad luck her entire life. First off, she was born with numerous genetic problems that affect her daily life such as hearing loss, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and celiac disease. She got mercury poisoning when she was 21. When she was 17, she was running away from a bee when she got hit by a car and had to relearn how to walk after that. She deserves to be happy.

  50. Didn't a lot of this turn out to be false?

  51. The mixed fabrics thing is actually a pretty big hole in their logic, and their refusal to address it as such is further proof that these people really aren’t the brightest.

  52. Only for the sects of christianity which take the bible literally. In judaism this is not a problem as the text is treated as a collection of texts written by humans over centuries, so instead religious figures are debating and iterpreting the text in its entirety, and how to apply it to modern society. They don't pick and choose.

  53. What was the original tweet

  54. A thesis about equine attractiveness. This is just a summary.

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