1. NTA. Your boss is intentionally misgendering you on a regular basis.

  2. I was just talking to my best friend about how the internet has really changed the nature of being closeted. Personally, I feel like if you are only “out” on the internet, you’re closeted. And it’s not immoral to be closeted. It’s just a survival strategy.

  3. I used to fantasize a lot about just cutting off my breasts. Not insane to fantasize about it; just don’t actually do it.

  4. For the afab people I know who are medically and socially transitioning, it often seems to come down to “I experience what I have identified as gender dysphoria, and I want to transition and perhaps even pass as male in society, but I also feel victimized by the patriarchy, and the current discourse on the left says that trans men are men and therefore are just as culpable as cis men for the patriarchy. I don’t want to be an oppressor or identify with oppressors, so I’ll be non-binary instead of a man.”

  5. Gender Dysphoria was definitely a false feeling for me, if you want to call it that. What I had wasn’t really gender dysphoria. It was unprocessed sexual trauma and general insecurity with my body. I’m very glad that I realized before I actually started to pursue top surgery (I was thinking very seriously about it) that transitioning would not actually solve my deep disgust with my body, because it was being caused by something completely different from gender dysphoria; nor would transitioning fix my relationship with my misogynist father. Two years ago, though, I was 100% convinced I had social and physical gender dysphoria. It’s an especially easy thing to believe when you’re in a social circle made up almost entirely of self-IDing tucutes.

  6. You really can’t be like “I don’t believe in health, but you’re a hypocrite because you’re doing something that I’m heavily implying is unhealthy!” The hypocrite here isn’t who you think it is. It kind of sounds like you do believe in health. You’re just mad that Cake YouTuber has a different definition of health than you do, and his allows for both thinness AND cake.

  7. I’ve definitely seen this attitude before on tumblr. I’d say it’s pretty common with tucutes.

  8. Personally, I think of Constantine as an old fashioned Greek name. I think of Orion, Aristotle, Icarus, and DEFINITELY Onyx as trendy names. My mental image of someone who chooses to name himself Constantine is completely different from my mental image of someone who chooses to name himself Icarus. I don’t think you need to worry.

  9. When will be the day they learn that hormones are not cosmetics

  10. I’d say in about a decade, when the number of people detransitioning in their 20s and 30s explodes. It won’t be pretty.

  11. Obviously, given the choice between buying a sweater of the appropriate size in your second-choice color and buying a sweater that is way too small in your first choice color, the only real option is to buy the sweater that is way too small and blame the thins for your discomfort.

  12. Honestly, without seeing some evidence that the group tried literally anything else first, I’m on the family’s side. It sounds like the family was more than willing to work with them to prevent this situation which may very well be traumatic for their daughter. Sure, they say it was a last resort, but what was the first resort? The second? How long was the family given to correct the problem?

  13. "over whose weight?" over the healthy parameters

  14. They’re not even asking the right question. It’s not whose weight at all. It’s which weight: the weight at which your risk level for certain diseases goes up.

  15. It is discriminatory, but people are allowed to be discriminatory about who they date.

  16. They want to be told that they have absolutely no control over their bodies and therefore nothing is their fault, and the only reason so many skinny people are healthier than they are is because doctors are giving them magical cures that they cruelly deny to fat people to punish them for something they can’t control.

  17. Yeah they don't understand nor care about things that can MITIGATE or AGGRAVATE a disease because they're obsessed with the notion that SKINNY PEOPLE GET SICK TOO. If there were a disease that had 100% proof that only fat people got it they'd move the goal posts again to accommodate their feelings.

  18. It’s sad, really. They’re more concerned about protecting their feelings in the moment than they are about protecting their lives. We saw that demonstrated over and over again during Covid lockdowns. No matter how much evidence there was that Covid was worse for overweight people, it was just constant “Skinny people get Covid too!”

  19. I’m personally having a problem with calories. Today I got a donut. But it’s from a shop that’s small so it doesn’t say how many calories they are. So I googled and for a vegan donut it says 220 calories. Ok but how big is it? It just says 1 serving or one donut. Then I go into my app and find vegan homemade donut and I just pick the highest calorie item today it says 300…. But is it actually 300? Is it 220? Is it 500? I find that the most frustrating. I could be eating 1800 calories or I could be at 2000. I’ll never know!

  20. This is why I love it when restaurants put calories on the menu. I’ve never seen a bakery do that though and I’m not even sure how it would work. Labels on the display case, maybe?

  21. [fatlogic voice] Yeah, but I went for a 5 minute walk afterward! I am nourishing my body AND moving joyfully, and somehow, in spite of all this restriction and over-exercise, I’m still not losing weight! Skinny people are just lucky and this proves it.

  22. “Sooner or later the need for food will become unbearable.”

  23. Technically they are right, it does become unbearable but it takes several days, or more depending on how much stored...errr..."energy"...you have.

  24. They are not going to wait several days. “I’m not eating much today because I’m going out tonight,” implies that they will be eating that night. They are wrong. The need for food is not going to become unbearable if you have a light lunch because you know you’re having a big dinner in six hours, barring some kind of medical condition.

  25. As a yo-yo dieting bisexual who doesn’t believe in gender: I’ve never had the experience of being in a relationship with someone and then suddenly not being attracted to them anymore. I CAN, however, tell you that attraction to someone before transition does not equal attraction to them after transition, or the other way around. Typically I’m more attracted to people after they transition, because my experience has been that people often put more effort into their appearance after they transition, but there’ve been a few times when I thought friends of mine were cute when they presented as their AGAB and after they transitioned, I found them… not ugly, just not my type. (Especially if transitioning for them involved growing a lot of facial hair. Not a fan of facial hair, on cis dudes or trans dudes. Of course, my friends can do what they want. It is not their job to be attractive to me.)

  26. Oh they're the same person? Because don't the FA's LOVE to spout how former fat people are the scum of the earth because they change so much?

  27. That’s basically exactly what the OP is saying. “If I married a fat person and they lost weight, I would be worried that they’d turn into one of those horrible ex-fats and would either want me to lose weight or would leave me for a gym bro!”

  28. You’ll stop enjoying the autumn chill when the arthritis sets in. I know I did. (Still love the season as a whole, though.)

  29. Not only are they just making excuses, their excuse only makes sense because they’re a shitty dog owner. You can absolutely train a dog to not steal your sandwich if you are willing to put in the effort and be consistent about the dog not being allowed to eat off your plate.

  30. They’re going to kill people with this “cure your diabetes by eating more” bullshit.

  31. Actually, it’s probably because “small fats” and “mid fats” make up the vast majority of fat people worldwide and super/infinite/death fats are still relatively rare. Just a thought. Representation is important, but it’s ridiculous to expect equal representation for people who make up a tiny minority of the population.

  32. Your body going into permanent starvation mode and shutting down permanently is called “starving to death”. As long as you are alive, your metabolic system will adapt (maybe more or less, depending on medical conditions).

  33. How old is this? Because the map’s at least 10 years out of date.

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