1. Little Lord Fauntleroy, Boy in the Box, the Beaumonts, & Somerton Man.

  2. Honestly, these are wonderful. I wish MGA would make a few more dolls with natural hair & eye colors.

  3. On the other hand, you can scratch your brain directly if you need to boost your thinking ability

  4. I have a recurring nightmare where I tell a pt “let’s get you on your feet,” and I pull back their covers to see that they’re a double amputee. The two double amputees we have had where I work I avoided like the plague.

  5. I had a patient request assistance to the toilet & I asked him if he wanted to use a urinal. Turns out he'd had a penectomy. Been nice if that'd been passed along in report.

  6. I, for one, would be ecstatic to receive this pie. Then again, The Thing is one of my favorite movies, so...

  7. Children of the Kingdom vibes. (Awesome short story by T.E.D. Klein, check it out)

  8. Thank you so much). I made it for big Johnny' s fan. I am a big fan of his myself. I had a privilege to see Johnny in person in Virginia court this year, he is fantastic person🥰😍🤩

  9. Oh, I agree. I adore Johnny. I wish he'd return as Grindelwald.

  10. Are these vintage dolls? I've never seen them before. They're lovely!

  11. I don't know how long they've been out, but they're modern. I found mine via Amazon, but I've seen them on eBay too.

  12. I named them (from L to R) Wendy, Isla, Amy and Megan.

  13. He's holding it awfully close to the business end & going to lose a digit or two.

  14. Oh, I really like these! Will they be available for Blythes as well?

  15. The bodysuits are great wardrobe staples. You can build a lot of looks off them!

  16. Here to say even this guy looks better than Belial, that was an ugly motherfucker.

  17. Ours does this and demands to get (not sure for the right term) ‘farts’ in his neck with your mouth 😁. Loves it 🤣

  18. We always called them 'elephant kisses' in my family.

  19. Johnny Eck, not ick. He had a twin brother; when they first started in show business, they did the 'saw a man in half' trick with Johnny as the head & a very short person as the legs.

  20. Is this a Monst? Just got mine today & she looks very similar, except the clothes are different.

  21. Yes, she is a Monst, I believe they are 5 different dolls in this line, they are absolutley gorgeous🧡

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