1. Go to a Building Society, a proper mutual that doesn't have shareholders to please, only members. Nationwide for example

  2. Stayed in bed, completed Reddit and then went to the pub (no TV)

  3. If only, I suspect the post match analysis will go on for a few days yet

  4. Nothing is more satisfying than getting black paint to pop

  5. If you've swapped them around to prove the actual speakers work and given that you've lost the left channel on both seats, then I would assume it's an issue with the source, check the wiring at the head unit

  6. Campylobacter food poisoning from a steak in Rome, lasted weeks until I finally went to the doctor. Great for weight loss though.

  7. Agree, I've got one and it's far nicer than the skinny original Momo

  8. Looks like a corgi shitting bunting, perfectly normal

  9. My father is Scottish so I'll have dual nationality anyway

  10. And now we'll get that pig shit thick dunce Cruella Braverman instead, we are fucked

  11. Went over some roadkill, the smell of dead badger cooking on a catalytic convertor is deeply unpleasant and the clean up had me retching

  12. Shipping would be struggling with tide times at the very least

  13. Like Burt Reynolds’s in Smokey and the Bandit.

  14. Superb, I'll be sad to put the Eunos into hibernation, still got next week's MX5 Owners' Club national rally (UK) next week though, hoping for half decent weather

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