1. Dang, if only their demons hadn't taken over. RIP Layne and Mike. Much love to Jerry and Sean.

  2. Yes! Absolutely yes. It would have been interesting to see how they evolved with three great voices in the band. And Jerry has said several times that he would be happy just being a rythym guitarist. I think it would have taken a lot of pressure off Jerry's shoulders if Layne and Will took over vocals with Jerry chiming in once in a while. Jerry would have been able to concentrate on just writing and being the rythym guitarist.

  3. I was listening to a podcast a few months ago. Jerry casually mentioned he did bass for Would and Stone. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the podcast. But there have always been rumors of Jerry doing the bass for Would. Also in the Desola book it's revealed that Starr had no idea what to do in Dirt and a friend was called in and he helped out a lot. So as great as Starr's presence is, his musical abilities are highly questionable.

  4. It doesn't look like Jerry. But Jerry is really good friends with both Metallica and Pantera. and he used to hang out with them all the time. There're a couple of videos of him jamming with both bands.

  5. When I read all those negative comments tossed at the band I was really disgusted. I wanted to write something but I didn't have the words. I'm glad Todd spoke up. If he saw those comments I'm sure the band has seen them too. So many were directed at Jerry and that's really heartbreaking. The man has lost so many friends, I'm sure he'd give every cent in his possession to bring those people he's loved and lost back to life, but that's not how the world works. Like Todd said, we have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. The band asked for help on behalf of their friend, if people don't want to help or can't that's completely fine, but the negativity that was spread over asking for help is really unnecessary. Best of luck to Scott. I hope the band and Scott don't take all the negativity to heart.

  6. Todd's the guy who runs the larryaic account. He's been with the band for a long time.

  7. I'm not surprised at all, it sucks, but it is what it is. I have made a point to just forget what I ordered so that when it does arrive I'm pleasantly surprised. I do that with all the vinyls I order and JC/AIC stuff too. That way I don't get mad when I get an email saying something's going to get delayed.

  8. I read your comment before I read the story... what a fucking story! Lol

  9. Soul brothers❤️ Their paths will meet again, but my heart breaks for sweet Jerry and all the close friends he’s lost over the years

  10. His mom, grandmother, he lost a cousin to suicide, Andy Wood, Layne, Dime, Vinnie, Mike Starr (I don't know if they were still friends but he was someone he cared about), Chris Cornell and that's just off the top of my head. Poor guy, but he is a shining example of not giving up and continuing despite so much against him.

  11. How I wish Layne had kicked his habit and was still at Jerry's right singing on stage.

  12. Scott Ian from Anthrax described them as super goofy. Susan Silver said they have a wicked sense of humor. And we have Love Song as proof they're not all doom and gloom lol.

  13. Yeah it wasn't super popular. I absolutely adore it. I'm sad it was one and done. That album is full of GOLD.

  14. The band wanted to continue but well Layne didn't, sadly.

  15. I see why they didn't include them in the album, they definitely have a different feel. They're not bad but I dont really care for either of them.

  16. If I remember correctly this was after Dime's death. All the guys left their own booth and went to be with Vinnie to show him support. Rita said something like that in an Instagram post.

  17. Todd Shuss, he's been with the band for a long time. Not sure exactly when he joined their crew, but he's been with them since the 90s, might even be earlier than that. His brother works for Pearl Jam. I might be wrong but I believe Todd also worked for Elton John when AiC wasn't active.

  18. Started smoking/snorting it during Van Halen tour then I guess it progressed into his home life after that tour. I recall reading one of the guys from the band Ministry shot him up for the first time.

  19. Yeah, I remember reading that too. I find it weird that Al tried to get credit for that.

  20. He didn't start doing heroin till 91 according to Desola's book. But he already had some serious drug issues. In the same book (I think) a member from one of Layne’s previous bands says that Laynes addictions were already starting to get in the way, before AIC even formed.

  21. I definitely don't expect an AIC album this year, as far as we know they haven't started working on one. The only one who said anything about a new album is William but we all know it's Jerry who writes most of the stuff and he hasn't said anything.

  22. Hell yeah! I know its a lot of fans that are buying the reissue but I hope they're also gaining a lot of new fans.

  23. There was one a couple months ago... it didn't go very well.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing these pics. Any cool stories that she shared with you about the band?

  25. I actually didn’t meet her myself, my dad travels for work and sent me these pictures he took from her photo album. apparently she was with the band for some of the North American leg of the Clash of the Titans tour in 1991. the book was full of backstage passes and pictures of the crowds at those shows, all taken from the side of the stage. one of the things she told him was that she vividly remembers jerry showing her the riff to would? on a cassette tape he made, well before they played or recorded it as a band. pretty fucking cool

  26. Anything where both Layne and Jerry sing, I wanna hear those two voices combine together.

  27. Strange question. It's a different thing. One's live and the other you're watching/ listening on TV. It's a different experience and should be enjoyed for what they are on their own.

  28. Jerry is great friends with Duff and Slash. Slash has said great things about Jerry's guitar playing. Duff toured with AiC when they were restarting the band and expressed feelings of wanting to be in the band, Jerry has called him the seventh Alice. When Sean was getting sober AiC was out on tour with Velvet Revolver, he said hanging out with Duff and Slash helped him stay clear of drugs. I'm pretty sure Jerry doesn't hold any hard feelings toward Axl for throwing the demo away, he just laughs at the story all the time. And he clarified that it was Axl's bodyguard who threw the demo away. GnR and Alice have toured together and partied together so I'm pretty sure everything's good between them.

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