A local crisis center coming out swinging

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  1. Love this logic, hey this kid is so traumatised and afraid, it doesn't matter anymore...

  2. Trauma builds and even seemingly little acts can have a big impact, mainly because of all the big shitty things that happend before, so yeah, you really basically said this, even if it wasn't entirely what you meant

  3. Oh this is great! So the bills regarding fighting the online monopoly of certain tech firms get passed before the summer, right? ...right?

  4. Besides everything else, how did it start to romanticize rich people not spending their money? Seems really weird to me. He's crazy rich, why doesn't he support a local café by indulging in a $30 breakfast? (Light /s) seriously, money laying around doesn't help anyone, but the bank and the rich person. I prefer the billionaire buying cars and yachts over the one living like a poor person

  5. Good point actually. Although the most expensive things are generally bought from places that are owned by already very wealthy people, would be better to indulge at local businesses than buying a Ferrari

  6. Yeah of course but still as long as people buy a Ferrari, there also have to be people building them, selling them and so on. They won't get rich doing this but it's (hopefully a living) wage.

  7. Why is this story that I heard about in the media completly ignored by the media? /s

  8. I mean it's dumb as shit to say a rape victim is at fault but it's also pretty dumb to act like giving tips on how to be safer is the same as victim blaming.

  9. Just because it sounds like it to you doesn't mean it's the same. Telling people that they should lock the doors when they leave their house isn't the same as saying you deserved to get robbed if you don't.

  10. Your implication that if someone behaves right, they reduce their risk is dangerous and a form of victim blaming, espescially since most abuses happen by people you know or even live with. There is no such thing as tip to be safer

  11. I have my own case load and no cover when I am gone, my clients just get informed when I'll be back. Makes vacations real fun...

  12. I have my own caseload so I just take time off. It’s not counted against our productivity

  13. I do as well, does someone cover for you or is it just pure chaos involving a lot of running and crying to compensate for being away...? I've been gone for two weeks (not US, we can't chose to not take vacation) and I am already as stressed as before again, after two days of working.

  14. Soo she didn't take an abortion and you're angry about that

  15. If my 13 year old client got pregnant, you can be sure, I would reccomend an abortion and not just once. I would also alert cps if she went through with the pregnancy. So, in context, yeah, I as a social worker, would be terribly mad and sad if she went through with it. I would try to support her anyway, but it would be one of the cases keeping me up at night, making me feel, like I failed this pregnant child.

  16. Thank you all, I will try your recommendations! And yeah audible is sadly amazon and has the same weird policy of paying a subcription and then having to pay extra for everything, which I wouldn't mind if the money wouldn't go to amazon, but the artists

  17. I think it's important to have men places. Of course it depends in how it presents itself, but it's the same with every "only"-space. There are men specific topics and issues and I think it's important, they have their own safe space to deal with this. It can be easier to open up and be vulnerable when everyone has the same topic, as we see with women spaces. We can't expect men to reflect and change their view on masculinity and at the same time, don't give them the space to do so. In my city (not US) there are multiple great men groups and spaces, for fathers, for men questioning their masculinity or men struggling with violence etc. Why not have more men only spaces in public as well?

  18. Look, I would argue, that you had a point, but considering your comments here, you are totally fine on hating women, so lets just call it even that we hate on you, ok?

  19. The music and culture scene in zurich is pretty open in my experience (because it consists mostly of people that moved here themselves at one point), so if you're into music and culture, that might be actually one of the better way to meet people here.

  20. Yes, if you like a beer, start going out to bars on your own. With time, people recognize you and it's easier to start a conversation, espescially after 2-3 beers. Find your smaller venues, show up "regularely" and try to talk to one person an evening. With time, you'll get recognized by the people at the bar and the regulars and conversations just start happening. The hardest part is to get a foot in, you don't need to meet ten people, one person, with whom you can bond can be enough to be a door opener to more people.

  21. I always wonder, who is the sissy? The ones saying: hey could you please not insult people for no reason whatsoever. Or the peoole whining because they can't use a word anymore that has no real impact in their life?

  22. Mostly because both countries have done horrible things to other countries and are still doing those things to this day.

  23. Exactly, thank you! With all the shit they have done and are still doing, as a country, not people living there, it's fine to make some silly memes. If it is fine to make Germany and US jokes, it's definetly fine to joke about these two. If the worst, they have coming from other countries are memes, they can honestly be relieved.

  24. Tiny country surrounded by larger more poweful countries. Hard to hit us without hitting them and even harder to get them to let troups through to get to us, since it's harmful for them too. Also, I don't think attacking Geneva with all it's humanitarian history would make them many friends. Not to mention all the weird dictators having their money in our country. I don't think, we'll win, but I also don't think, we would lose. There is more to war than weaponery and an army

  25. Disclaimer: I don't know this video specifically and I am not in the US, so my opinion on your police isn't first hand, but also not really a part of my answer.

  26. On reading that article, I think it is a bit disingenuous to say flatly that chemical castration "doesn't solve the issue at all". The article claims that chemical castration "effectively lowers libido and male seminal fluid production, but does not prevent sexual violence or aggressive behavior".

  27. I am not surprised, this didn't convince you. The commenter brought castration up as punishment for people who already commited a crime and I answered to this, so your comment opens up a whole new conservation. Prevention wasn't the question, because yeah, it can work in this area and is still in use like this.

  28. Fascinating, could you explain your reasoning behind this conclusion, since I am sincerely interested in how you came to that in this interaction?

  29. Oh we are painfully aware, that you care as much about foreign life as American life... Maybe you should fear the day we start to care as less about you as you do about us

  30. Fuck is wrong with people saying yes? That is so unnatural and disturbing

  31. "Hey kid, how about we give you some time to figure out if you are trans or not, so you can make an educated decision in time when you are older about how you want to move forward? If you decide, you are your born sex, great we'll just stop this treatment and you will live on normally in your born sex. If you decide you aren't your born sex, great, now we don't have to undo puberty to help you. "

  32. There are many more like mood swings, head aches, high blood pressure, hot flashes… it’s like with any other medication.

  33. Sounds kinda like the pill which is prescribed to young girls even when they aren't sexually active yet, at least in my country, so I don't see the issue here.

  34. Yeah this somehow would not encourage my non American self to tip. If the people working are threatening to fuck with my food because they assume they are somehow personally entitled to my money, which we've never agreed on beforehand, they can be sure to not get a single cent from me. This isn't service, this sounds more like a threat. It kinda reminds me of these you pay for safety or your store gets trashed by us logic.

  35. Okay, so a few things to discuss here. Sooo I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you’re a nurse. You’re talking about medical care vs going out to dinner. The price of healthcare as well as health insurance is an entirely different conversation… Yes I’m sure nursing is a very difficult job, (I wouldn’t know, I’m not a nurse) but that is not a tip-based income. This comment is pretty irrelevant and I honestly shouldn’t have taken the time to reply to it but I will. Im guessing my use of “cheap ass” triggered you. Maybe it was a bit harsh, but my point still stands. If you want the sit-down restaurant experience, save up enough money to tip too!

  36. I am not from the US, as a disclaimer, but what I honestly don't get about this is, why does someone have to tip more for already spending more money? There is no difference for the sever if someone orders a steak or a salad, but the more expensive steak has to tip more. At this point it just gets ridicoulus or am I getting something completly wrong here?

  37. At least in America or Japan when I've had an issue with the prescription the pharmacy has been able to contact the doctor directly and have them handle it. In the former case it was electronic, in the later it involved a phone and a fax of the new prescription. Odd when other countries manage to out-efficient Germany :D

  38. Yeah, they can do this in Germany as well, so I am curious as to why they couldn't do this in this case?

  39. Adhd medications for instance adderall and methylphenidate (the med in question in my case)

  40. Yeah, I know all this, I live in Switzerland and have family in Germany, but that's why Fax still exist. A piece of paper isn't more secure than a Fax or verified email adress, so even in these instances, they should be able to call your doctor and ask him to fax them the correct prescribtion, which is way faster than driving for five hours and gets them the same result if not the safer option than a piece of paper with some unreadable signature

  41. Have you met a british person?? Some of the nicest people, I've ever met, no shade there, but credibilty wouldn't be the first thing coming to my mind.

  42. You need Jesus bro. Pray to God you desire purpose in life and im telling you he is the answer your looking for. Ive experienced it, he is real. Try calling out to him everyday in prayer. What else have you to do?

  43. If you have to pry on vulnerable people like this, maybe your (view of) religion is kinda fucked

  44. Dear OP, hold this fear tightly, nurish it, because if it keeps you alive for now, it's your best friend right now! Since you are young and seem to struggle with this for some time, I won't bother you with: it gets better, maybe you will, but even if you can't be cured, you still have great chances at lessening your symptoms. Please speak with a doctor about possibilities and start therapy to figure out, how to bring some joy into your life. If therapy isn't possible due to ressources, please still talk with a doctor to see what can be done.

  45. Human freedom index my ass. No one wants to live in Sweden, no one moves there. There’s a reason why everyone comes to the US

  46. The land of so free, you are not only free to get at the supermarket or at school, but apparently in a hospital as well

  47. You didn’t even say the word but the context of it being America is enough... that’s fucked

  48. Oh shit, that was an accident, I just came from my countrys new site and was so angry to see the US on our front page again with their shit and must have snapped so hard at this comment, I even forgot the most important word, but I kinda like it, so it stays

  49. No it wasn't necessary your pet living is the downside it's more waiting for the the money is. Maybe you fall on financial hardships and can't pay for rent or a loved one who isn't an animal falls ill. 50 mil is life changing money and 30 years is a long time.

  50. Yeah but it's not my money, it's theirs. Regarding rent, well I am sure they will let me live in their apartment, since I am their best buddy and cared for them for so long. Doctor bills isn't that much of an issue in my country either.

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