Protests in Iran are now spreading like wildfire. Many women are recording themselves walking through city centers without Hijab. Stand up for your rights women, down with the oppressors! We're with you!

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  1. Imagine if white people called it black meat? 😱

  2. Wait til' she learns what colour meat black, asian, mexican, pacific islanders, south americans, etc. have.

  3. Then how do you explain my mother and her family being born in the Western Sahara and holding Moroccan passports?

  4. How do you explain European jews migrating to Palestine and holding Israeli passports? Same story, both are settlers

  5. To be fair Morocco has 2 thirds of the world reserves of phosphates which is about to be much much more valuable so huge W for them.

  6. And 99% of their phosphate reserves are in western sahara a territory they illegally occupied

  7. I mean to some people maybe they’d tolerate it but it just isn’t my thing, I get a ton of “take me on your boat” and “take me flying” openers and I just think this opener is a little shallow, It’s a neg for sure, and I don’t really like negging even as a joke, just thought everyone would get a good laugh out of it, I have other matches I can talk to and I’m sure this opener works great with people

  8. Is there ANYONE on the show that roger hasn't kiss/slept with.

  9. We are in agreement. I think. Narrative depends on where you start the timeline.

  10. You have kind eyes, and you look very trustworthy. You try your best to be there for the people in your life.

  11. Everyone’s different, but I’ve been operating on five hours of sleep daily for the past two decades

  12. You need to get more sleep, your body probably got conditioned to this sleep schedule but the lack of proper rest will show up one way or another. Try to get 7/8 hours of sleep for a week and see if you notice any changes

  13. Yea it probably cut off a lot of years of my life, but it’s hard to change it now. I’ll give it a shot this week

  14. The hardest changes are often the most beneficial, give it your best and good luck 👍🏾

  15. Nothing really. I ran daily for the year, PPLPPL but only planned my compound lifts, dips and pull-ups everything else was random. Didn’t have to count cals just ran significantly more. Ate mainly cow stuff.

  16. Cow stuff lmao sounds like one hell of a diet

  17. Just fyi before the islamophobic comments get heavily upvoted, these protests aren't against the concept of the hijab and it's place within the religion.

  18. Islam commands wearing hijab, hijab is mandatory in Islam, and these women are fighting against the police who are enforcing this Islamic law. Stop sugarcoating this medieval belief system

  19. Tell that to the literal millions if not actual billion of muslim women who wear their hijabs of their own free will.

  20. That's not the point tho, I'm talking about Islam as a religion and what it commands it followers to do. According to Islamic law women have to wear the hijab, and in a country that practices sharia law such as Iran, women get forced to wear it as per the teachings of Islam

  21. Long hair doesn't suit you, it made you look unkept, the new haircut looks good but try to grow it out a bit (not as long as before ofc)

  22. Pussy tight pussy clean pussy fresh

  23. Tell me how am I dumb? Go ahead and try to argue the facts lol, Islam is a disgusting cult

  24. You can not read there is nothing to argue you lack the ability to follow a reddit comment thread. They teach you to read when you are a child. You’re just a bad troll.

  25. I deleted that comment because I didn't mean to reply to you, and wtf am I supposed to read exactly?

  26. I hope this leads to a revolution and that corrupt islamic regime is taken down, Iranians are brave people they deserve freedom. Islam will soon die off

  27. 5.1 I'd say you're average, your eye area brings you down, if you had longer eyebrows you'd have more facial harmony, you look tired as well probably because of the black under eyes get more sleep Also a good hairstyle would do wonders for you, Overall you have the potential to be like 5.5-5.7

  28. I think it almost always is when it's about second language, at least it is for me. I'm always dumbstruck how well people speak English as a second language when I speak maybe a few lines of French and Spanish and that's it.

  29. Exactly, it takes a lot of hard work to master a foreign language so why complain when someone essentially compliments you on your hard work

  30. if you know the language is foreign to them/they're a recent immigrant it's no issue. the issue is when people see that you're not white and assume you're an immigrant.

  31. I absolutely agree, but the OP in the original comment said its patronizing to tell us Africans we speak good English(didn't mention anything about the diaspora)

  32. The only thing I'd change is the hairstyle, you seem to have curly/wavy hair so try finding products for your hair type

  33. Why are hindu nationalist allowed to post on here disguised as ex muslims? Both hindus and Muslims are rioting in the UK, don't come over here and act all innocent. All religious lunatics, are the same to me and that includes hindus too,

  34. Who said i am muslim, also it doesn't matter who post it, content is more important.

  35. This isn't the propose of this sub, go spread your nationalist rhetorics elsewhere. Hindus destroy mosques in India too, so don't come acting all holy, all religious fanatics are the same, stupid brainwashed and violent

  36. I read that particular account during a slide show presentation in college. It was from a history book from the early 1900s. I tried googling to find it but can’t so far. That wicked incident stuck with me for obvious reasons.

  37. Ok.. but who’s arguing the revolution wasn’t warranted? This was about the atrocities to begin with.

  38. The original comments put revolution in quotation marks and literary called it a genocide, he also mentioned the current situation in Haiti as if France didn't force Haiti to pay billions of dollars for freeing themselves of slavery, I guess the Haitians should have reminded in slavery according to the original commentar

  39. I think maybe don't reply that person, seems like a troll account

  40. Yeah I figured that out but he's most likely a Muslim troll so it's always fun to troll them back with their own idiotic beliefs lol

  41. Looked into his account and is actually a child abusing troll too. Won't let his kids watch anime without getting beat up

  42. And he's a porn addict too, yet here he is trying to criticize ex muslims, what an absolute piece of shit

  43. She asked "Can I call you daddy" and I'm like "yeah of course you can 😜" then she goes "okay daddy well you can call me mommy. "

  44. France never specifically ban hijabs, they had strict secular laws since 1901, to separate the church and the state, but Muslims who only came to France decades later have to make it about themselves and cry islamophobia (they did however ban burka and niqab for obvious security reasons, but the burka and niqab are also banned in many Muslim countries, like Morocco but you don't see anybody screaming Islamophobia about it)

  45. As a French ex muslim, France is islamophobic. The way they treat Muslims and other believers is completely different.

  46. I agree there's definitely a lot of xenophobia in France, and discrimination does exist here too unfortunately, but also Muslims act like France became secular just to make girls remove hijab, and disregard the hundreds of years and all the bloodshed it took French people to separate State and church, and they 100% have the right to want to preserve that.

  47. Ariel is not a fish, she is a mermaid with human skin. How is it possible for her to develop melanin when there is no sunshine where she lives.

  48. Ariel is a fictional character, she can have whatever skin you desire her to have.

  49. You do know that light skin refers to black people with lighter complexions not white people right?