1. Sadly you are spamming us with your simulations

  2. Spamming you? With my first post here? Are you sure you're not confusing me with someone else?

  3. No. Just your spam is not useful for anyone so it's spam.

  4. Be sure to do it on the lowest difficulty and not hell1 or more, except if that is required

  5. How could you sell that much gems? Please explain.

  6. Wow dude, congrats on the snarky comment to a stranger online. If you don't have friends to coordinate with and can't relate, just keep quiet.

  7. You can begin by speaking respectfully to other people.

  8. I simply wanted to have a conversation about why a modern phone game is using server tech WOW got rid of in 2011. Tell me how in the world anything I said in the original post was disrespectful to anyone.

  9. He was respectful you are the one rude and obnoxious.

  10. Nice but would be better on 2 différents images than morphed in one like that

  11. Sorry I’m not in the USA so didn’t know it. Great site.

  12. Amazing but if I lay the “please support me” ruins it.

  13. I have exactly the same question

  14. No need to make a duplicate of something that bad

  15. Could you stop these childish posts? What are you? 5?

  16. Litteraly everything your need to know about it is on the second pic

  17. Worst Batman ever and worst Batman ever, which says a lot when it’s a list where there is Ben affleck

  18. Can we got more pictures please?

  19. Does your friend need a friend?

  20. Great. Send him my way I need a comic daddy :-)

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