1. Which one is your favorite?

  2. The Major is a weird one. It uses ultra linear output transformers so its very hard to get it to breakup. It’s very clean and has way more low end “thump” than a SLP. I’m addition, it brings out the natural tone of your guitar more effectively than the plexis, which tend to color it a bit.

  3. The White Super Lead, best sounding amp I have ever heard. It was also owned by Eddie Van Halen. So that puts another factor on it! Lol.

  4. The Marshall Major is my dream amp. Is yours original (no Blackmore mod)? If so…let me know if you decide to sell it!

  5. Besides john, flea is the 2nd most diva-ish. Followed by Anthony and then Chad.

  6. Is today the end of the road in the UFC for the 🐐 fightin Smilin Sam Alvey?

  7. STOP! You’ve violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen good are now forfeit…

  8. Yep. They fucked us out of ours for the carpet cleaning. Literally never spilled or stained anything. Major crush on our agent though, total babe.

  9. It’s not a list of the band’s favorite groups. It’s the subreddit’s favorite groups.

  10. I think everyone’s forgetting that the peppers were (and still are) impish punk rockers to the core. If you draw a line, they’re gonna cross it. I mean for gods sake Flea played butt ass naked that night. Foolish for the promoter to assume they’d to the mature, responsible thing.

  11. Many fuzz and distortion pedals require a slightly dirty and compressed signal in order to sound smooth and full. The Boss DS-2 is the biggest one that comes to mind. If you run a clean signal in to it, it’s very shrill and there’s a big volume jump. To remedy this, you need slightly overdrive your signal before it hits the dirt pedals via a boost or a pre-amp. Alternatively, you can use your amp’s input gain or the dirty channel on the amp if it has either of those. (I’m not super familiar with the JC-40 layout).

  12. I would’ve recommended taking COM 300 with Dr Tinnesz. She’s really great. Can’t speak on others that teach it though, I’m sure they’re fine.

  13. Has John used his 54 strat on this tour at all? (The one with the maple fretboard).

  14. I'm pretty sure they split equally, while in general I would assume John gets less money from royalties since he has been in and out from the band (i guess he doesn't get paid for One Hot Minute, Hillel and Josh era albums royalties), and also he toured less times than the other 3 so realistically he has less money that the others (considering also that, if I'm not wrong, it's stated that he spent all of the money he made with Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar during his drug addiction years)

  15. And he also spent a large portion of his 1999-2007 tour money on his solo records and his general cost of living for 15 years.

  16. I don't know about it, I don't feel like his solo records are very high budget. Also I doubt he didn't have money left when he rejiined the peppers, he's a millionaire after all

  17. He said in an interview at the 2019 Johnny Ramone benefit that he spent a considerable amount of money on gear to make the Empyrean and synth gear for his electronic records. He’s an analog guy, analog equipment is very expensive. Not to mention, he’s paying like $19K in property tax every year for his main home. And he owns other properties. Combine all that over 15 years without income + a divorce settlement and $20M can go pretty fast

  18. I specifically remember the hype on the day Buffalo 66 was released locally. It was even the top story on Eyewitness News, and one Irv Weinstein was less than impressed.

  19. “Buffalonians shocked to find out rest of world knows they exist”

  20. Let’s look like we like each other and span time and DO NOT touch me.

  21. Here ever after? Simple as hell, very melodic to me

  22. Won’t stand the test of time though. Scar tissue is a timeless, instantly recognizable riff. Same with can’t stop and snow. They’re engrained in pop culture.

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