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  1. Carey now averages about 90 at the Adelaide oval in Test cricket.

  2. Overall in Test cricket? Something like 55 average with the bat.

  3. Mahmood still going at 8 RPO loooool

  4. I have spent 441 hours on this sub. Earned 88% of my karma from here

  5. In this year alone? I thought that I spent too much time on this sub and I've only done 88 hours this year.

  6. Poor dude seems to be losing form at the wrong time

  7. It just Sounds like 5 different songs put together in 1

  8. I like it actually, it's something new.

  9. I actually really fuck with this is why but I know it’s not for everyone

  10. It's a different sort of music but still a bop as long as you aren't in the 2000s pop punk frame of mind.

  11. That entire 2018 tour was insane. And not in a good way.

  12. Holy Shit I remember this! And I was definitely one of part of the majority in that thread. Its funny too because it was exactly the same thing when

  13. That entire thread is a goldmine.

  14. Oh my god he really is a prophet. Make him a selector already!

  15. And it's not even a one sided rivalry. Alastair Cook's only Test wicket was Ishant Sharma, which more than balances out all the times Ishant made Cook look clueless.

  16. Man the dude can't catch a break.

  17. Nah let’s not. Just because it happened to Candice Warner doesn’t mean that we should take petty “revenge”

  18. No wonder he always looks so depressed. Heck, I get depressed and I’m not even him!

  19. He probably reads his Instagram or Twitter comments which aren’t any nicer

  20. What was your favourite moment when playing for Australia?

  21. No trophy is safe from us 💪

  22. Can someone please make sure Smudge hasn't hung himself getting out for a duck to this bowling attack

  23. No harm in getting out to big Jase.

  24. Hard not to admire Labuschagne’s absolute thirst for bulk runs. His enthusiasm, endurance and concentration is more impressive to me than his technical abilities.

  25. I agree. He’s such an entertainer.

  26. Good confirmation from Cummies that Trav prefers taking a wicket to getting a hundred

  27. He’s our frontline spinner for a reason mate

  28. Having a bloke who can score as quickly as Heady coming in at #5 is actually pretty unfair, given the 4 batters ahead of them are 3 world class, solid players and a bloke called David.

  29. If he could play spin in Asia then he’d be a total cheat code.

  30. Wait, I thought it was because he was ill. Are they actually dropping him just cause “Bazball” ?

  31. How is it bullshit that he was the main perpetrator? Whether or not others were implicit he was still the main instigator was he not? He instructed a younger player to do it, seems reasonable to me that he gets the harshest penalty.

  32. Mate if you think that Warner, Bancroft and Smith were the only people in the team who knew about the sandpaper, I have a bridge to sell you. The penalties were obviously super harsh from CA considering that every side has ball tampered at some point, including South Africa and Sri Lanka around that time. But the trio, particularly Warner since he had a bad reputation already, took the fall when there were almost certainly a couple more involved.

  33. Warner was also hit harder because he was a key member of the Australian Cricketers Association (Players Union) who was very outspoken about reforming payments due to rights deals etc

  34. Ashwin was in the team in 2017 bgt and australia won in pune and drew in ranchi. If they do similarly this time then India is knocked out of the wtc.

  35. Ashwin has actually improved since 2017. In fact, I'd say that India's current lineup is actually better than their 2017 one, at least in home conditions.

  36. If Bangladesh wins or draws one test and Australia wins or draws one test , India can kiss their chance of wtc finals goodbye.

  37. Highly unlikely that we don't lose every Test in India this time round. Ashwin alone will be able to take out half of our batting lineup every game.

  38. Man casually popped up in 2015 , played a season where he was literally unplayable and never returned

  39. Perhaps when he retires from ODIs after the 2023 WC we will see him again in the IPL. He says that he'd love to play another IPL season at some point but he wants the time to spend with his family atm given that a lot of that time is taken up by being an all format player.

  40. Such nice action , always loved watching him bowl !

  41. I agree his action is sexy.

  42. And they say Head is a part-time bowler.

  43. The others are part time bowlers. Travichandran is the one true GOAT.

  44. Iirc Umesh Yadav remained genuinely quick (145+) until his early 30s. By that point he kept getting injured, so slowed down to high 130s.

  45. Bangladesh has a higher chance of winning the world cup than to not drop simple catches of Rohit. 3 easy catches, damn. They wanted to lose that..

  46. You may joke but Bangladesh are dark horses to win the World Cup in subcontinent conditions, especially in their best format.

  47. Waiting for fans to write a 300 word comments on how the team needs to be changed and how to approach odis the right way while simultaneously complaining about odis and bilaterals being boring.

  48. "ODI bilaterals are useless....but our team is shit and they need to win every single match. Anyway, here's my playing XI: "

  49. A curious case, one could say.

  50. No other player comes close He singlehandedly won Bangladesh the match with the bat in the first match, and with both bat and ball this time. At this rate he's going to take the gloves and win a game while wicketkeeping.

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