1. both are frickin' so cute together, your bostie's expression is one of pure contentment

  2. He looks like a proud older brother in the last one.

  3. And there needs to be consideration for scooters and electric bikes. A whole rethinking of the roadways is in order.

  4. Wtf are the point of scooters? I rode one this weekend for the first time and the whole time I was wishing I just rented an ebike.

  5. I am old and they aren’t for me but I appreciate that others like them for the last mile of commutes. I don’t want them on the sidewalk, though. There need to be separate areas for walking, bikes, and then motorized scooters and electric bikes that aren’t cars but also aren’t appropriate in the bike lane.

  6. My Boston always seems so teeny (15 pounds) until I take her to the dog park and she stands next to a chihuahua.

  7. I started seeing a specialist when I realised I was in peri (which was affecting me badly: no libido, terrible aches and pains, anxiety, periods from hell, brain fog and exhaustion). She put me straight on HRT, which has been life-changing.

  8. Thank you. I will make an appointment. Hearing all of the experiences here has been really helpful. None of my friends are going through this yet and my family is not generally useful about things like this. I guess I can look forward to being an extremely helpful friend in 5-10 years when my lady pals catch up with me.

  9. Ahh. Everything is making sense. The antidepressant I take has the side effect of making some people hot and sweaty, so I thought maybe it was that. It’s often isolated just to the front of my neck and it’s such a weird feeling.

  10. She is adorable. What a cute mug.

  11. Not digging the Morgan hate. Last week people were body shaming her and this week they are calling her a liar because snobby Binh doesn't realize that you can be a nurse with an Associate's degree. This one especially bothers me because nurses already get treated as second class citizens compared to doctors. I'd imagine that there is a hierarchy within nurses with nurse's aides being lowest in the pecking order, followed by nurses with Associates degrees then ones with Bachelor's degrees. She probably deals with that crap all the time and Binh's reaction was basically all of her worst fears. Add to that all his judgment because she had a bad family life. What kind of jerk does that????

  12. My thoughts exactly. He’s a jerk who thinks he knows it all.

  13. I have a cousin like Emily. He’s in his thirties and has never worked. He doesn’t have kids but he does live in an apartment fully paid for by my aunt and uncle. Recently he wanted them to get him a new apartment closer to them because “it was too far to drive for his mom to do his laundry.” The person I feel bad for is his (extremely normal) sibling, who is going to be left holding the bag for this in the future.

  14. The "normal" sibling is watching her parents work forever, and spend any inheritance, on her lazy sister.

  15. Either 2 things like we've all speculated. Jib jib has been wearing a wedding band for most of the show and they've already gotten married and she wasn't going to show up for this sham wedding. Or as a therapist she just can't cancel all of her patients. Sometimes therapy appts are booked out weeks in advance and really she couldn't just take the time off. Not sure about dad I didn't care to ever listen to what he did for work.

  16. I don’t think they ever said what the dad does. I’m not a therapist but I am a therapy patient, and my therapist always tells me quite far in advance if there is going to be a scheduling change. A lot of people rely on therapy to get through their weeks so I can understand why Jibri’s mom needed a firm date for the photo shoot, er, wedding.

  17. Personally, I'm appalled this has taken so long to implement. I mean, it seems during a historic drought this would be basic common sense.

  18. I’ve often wondered why Nevada is the only state of the 7 that use water from the Colorado that has these incentives and restrictions. Ornamental turf should be disallowed in all these states.

  19. Nevada has actually been paying people to remove grass for about twenty years. This has been extremely effective with residential users but this new law makes it easier to force commercial properties to get rid of ornamental turf, like say grass in areas of parking lots around retail stores.

  20. That bungalow was the most common style of house built in the 1910s-1930s in Chicago. You would have much better luck checking census records than trying to figure out location from this picture.

  21. Yes, if you have some basic information about them (first and last names, birthdays, family members’ names), you could check the recently released 1940 census data. This looks 1940s to me but I’d check 1930 and 1940.

  22. Yeah you’re right, I doubt she is. I think a lot of women on the show aren’t actually wealthy, they just keep up appearances by getting in debt, not paying taxes, renting rather than buying within their means, and a lot of shady shenanigans. If she truly had money she wouldn’t be pedalling that crap on her website, that’s for sure.

  23. I think a lot of them want to be wealthy but aren’t, and some get wealthy because of the show. My husband is a CEO so I run in some wealthy circles and nobody I know would want to be on a reality show. Flaunting wealth is considered super tacky except in subtle ways (low key but expensive shoes, clothes, bags, etc).

  24. Totally agree. Imo it’s quite obvious with some of them, and add to that the rumours and truths about a lot of their finances that are out there.

  25. I live in an area that is known for being over the top and tacky, like LA but not LA. I’ve honestly never seen anyone dressed in all logos like that. You’d look like a complete fool at any social event. Rich people know that the other rich people they know are rich. It doesn’t need to be screamed constantly.

  26. I don’t think they will make it regardless. I don’t think Miguel likes Lindy that much so far.

  27. colored dresses were the norm until queen victoria set a trend with her white wedding dress. until quite recently, women just wore their best sunday dress for their wedding, you had to be quite rich to afford a white dress.

  28. My grandmother wore a nice suit for her wedding in the 1940s and I’m sure she wore it many more times after that.

  29. Is that what the fake eyelashes are made from? That’s horrible.

  30. Riviera is from the early 80s if that helps with the timeline. Also NO FOOD OR DRINKS on the velour interior, please.

  31. My dad had both a ‘77 Riviera and an ‘84. This one looks very similar to the ‘84.

  32. They are both so lucky. Your mom just got the bestest new friend. She will require lots of belly scratches and kisses.

  33. Well, I’m only 2 months into my experience with Bostons but I picked them because from what I could discern they have the big dog personality I want in a smaller package. No yap factor which is important to me. Both great family dogs but boxers have a serious side if the situation calls for it. Bostons will never be guard dogs but I understand they will sound off if the need arises. I am happy to have my Boston, I’ll always miss having a Boxer ……but think for my time of life it has been a great choice and as close as I’m going to get in that respect.

  34. My brother had a Boxer years ago and he was a wonderful dog. I have a Boston now and she’s amazing too. They are both excellent dog breeds. I’m a petite woman and we live in a condo so a Boxer wouldn’t be a good choice for us but I loved my brother’s Boxer boy. He passed away about ten years ago.

  35. I'm the only on in my family who had braces. My orthodontist had this weird obsession that you needed to have room for your wisdom teeth to come in so pulled 4 of my adult teeth. My wisdom teeth have been nothing but trouble. I've had 2 removed. One required surgery and if you are only having 1 removed insurance doesn't pay for sedation. They had me jacked up and then asked for my credit card. I'm sure eventually I'll need to have another surgery to remove my remaining lower wisdom tooth. Apparently you can't get them numb enough to remove them without twilight sleep.

  36. My teeth actually didn’t look that bad but I had a bunch of impacted teeth and other underlying problems so I had a bunch of teeth pulled too. My brother’s teeth were cosmetically really bad but he only needed braces for a short time. Wisdom teeth surgery is no joke - I can’t imagine it without sedation.

  37. I paid for the sedation. They tried to do the lower one with just novacaine twice and couldn't do it so had to refer me for surgery. If I had known I had to pay out of pocket I would have had them remove the other lower one since they were in there. They did overcharge me and I ended up getting some of it refunded. But I was in the chair hooked up to nitrous when they asked for my card.

  38. I am sorry you had to go through that. It sounds like an unethical practice.

  39. I am the same way!! You’re not alone!! “How could Bostons ever be abandoned?!”

  40. Everyone who knows my Boston loves her so much. I can’t believe anyone would hurt any animal but how could you not love and cherish a Boston? I wanted one for so long and now that I finally have her sometimes I can’t believe she’s really mine when I see her little black and white face peeking out of the covers in the morning.

  41. This piano factory was later turned into a mall that was called, aptly, the Piano Factory. My parents used to take me there in the 90s but I believe it was torn down in the early 2000s.

  42. I liked them choosing which apartment to stay in but sometimes they would have to find a new apartment and I thought it was weird to go through the process of looking for a new one when it might be just for a few weeks. Looking for an apartment is stressful and so time consuming.. and doing all that work just to stay in it a few weeks I would be mad. And then what happens to the apartment after the divorce, it didn’t make sense.

  43. To me it seemed like maybe the show narrowed it down to a few pre-arranged options and they just chose between those.

  44. Depends…he could be clipboard in front of whole foods guy, or he could be like a lobbyist.

  45. More lobbyist. He works on policy so he most likely lobbies municipalities, businesses, and ngos to support various policies and regulations.

  46. He said he was the nanny to his nieces during a period of being in between work, I think.

  47. If you were born in a certain year you were there for the thin eyebrow trend. Once you go thin most people can’t grow them back. Now that thick eyebrows are in they want them back so painting or tattooing them is the solution. I think all the younger generations will have their natural eyebrows so we will stop seeing this at some point. But if thin eyebrow trend comes back I always wonder what everyone with micro blading will do. The thoughts that consume me..

  48. Thank goodness mine came back after plucking them to within a centimeter of their existence in the 90s.

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