1. Nah the annual 4th of July dumbass is the shooter guy

  2. Isnt the chlorine harmful to him

  3. Bruh just take off his glasses and full auto him in the eyes leave him blind

  4. Bro your legit smoking dung i looked at your posts

  5. Going through ur account bro ur dumb and seem to never ever take peoples advice so why do u ask so many questions

  6. Seem to ask for a lot of advice then considering ur smarter than everyone else

  7. Fuck your dad bruh wear them

  8. And definitely not because of all the fast food you eat and exercise you dont do

  9. Obviously we know people gain weight from overeating hes saying if we didn’t have that Neanderthal gene then we wouldn’t be storing our fat and therefore not be fat

  10. what would be do with our excess energy though?

  11. Watch the video of what Homo sapiens did before they had the ability to store energy in fat

  12. I ended up coming across rawog420’s youtube channel and not long after decided to try smoking then just been doing it ever since

  13. Right when I started I got into this little interview show Snoop Dogg has, he's had a lot of influential people on there and it's just nice to see them actually unwind and talk about stuff they don't usually get to talk about. I'll have to check out rawog420.

  14. 100% and yeah check out rawog420 he has a lot of good vids

  15. People overlook what hes saying but I have a feeling he’s right

  16. That woman is so annoying getting in the way

  17. When they sit him down to talk about getting him a drivers license

  18. We don't even see what he was shooting at, if there even was anything.

  19. It says a tank I doubt he’s just randomly shooting missiles

  20. Yeah my bad I know zero about guns

  21. Our future generation is so screwed

  22. Lmao no need to apologise bro ur right theyre a nice family just think they missed the mark here

  23. Yeah their eldest alex is always bullied online constantly just because the mom wanted to make tiktoks

  24. Coming from someone who used to be fat u a loser for reporting

  25. He is fine. Aslong as you are not unconscious after a punch, you are most likely okay. Just go to the hospital and you probably just need to rest.

  26. Clearly you know nothing about head injuries

  27. you’re forgetting about Amy reactions, since she starting appears each of her reactions were priceless. Like her opening Sheldon’s office door saying “ah-ha!” or beating up Penny with her purse filled with coins lol


  29. Bro ima watch family guy tonight after smoking it’s a shame my tolerance is high asf tho

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