LeBron James passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA's all time leading scorer (38,388 points)

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[Highlight] LeBron James is now the scoring King in the NBA

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  1. My favorite part about this trade is that the Nets somehow got less for KD than Utah did for Gobert

  2. Even to the bitter end, the Nets let the stars run all over them

  3. To be fair, they got some pretty solid assets for KD.

  4. I still think Ayton and another swap was needed for the Nets

  5. Nah, I don’t think Ayton is bad at all. Would’ve been very good for them if they could’ve gotten him but I think the haul they got was solid enough that it’s like, “Yeah, okay, they have something to work with” rather than Timberwolves East, y’know?

  6. Bruh, Ben Simmons tried to nuke Philly but got the coordinates mixed up and nuked Brooklyn instead, guess he really can’t shoot

  7. Stone and Co. are laughing to the bank lmao

  8. Too expensive imo. We need to be looking for something more reasonable out there.

  9. Great time to remember that picked Brett Brown and Tobias Harris over Jimmy Butler.

  10. Honestly doesn’t look as bad as it did just a couple days before. If Masai REALLY values Maxey that highly, this is a good trade to create more roster balance.

  11. No, not at all, there’s a reason he’s nicknamed “The Contract” by some fans around here.

  12. Dude, this promo is evil as fuck, lol. That’s a good way to garner heat but damn, I do hope this story was hella embellished.

  13. He just doesn’t have his usual mojo for whatever reason. Maybe he’s starting to get pissed about his starting spot getting taken away, maybe he just doesn’t jive with the bench unit. I don’t know. I just know he’s off right now, but he’s out there trying, god damn it. Just wish the results were better.

  14. Last year we had the 3rd lowest scoring bench in the league. Jokic had the 14th best

  15. That seems hella misleading to me. Probably tided over by hot shooting from Bones and whatnot. Their starting lineup last year was ass with no Murray and MPJ.

  16. I think we forget that Embiid had the Sixers at the 3 seed with Ben Simmons and no Harden for most of the season

  17. I mean, I don’t think anyone’s forgetting his carry job. At one point, Jo led the team in assists per game…with 4.4.

  18. We’re gonna sit on our hands, watch the deadline pass us by, maybe trade Korkmaz for cash considerations so Josh Harris can buy a thirteenth yacht.

  19. Melt imo. He tried hard and did fine on limited touches. Ran hard in transition.

  20. It’s embarrassing. I just don’t understand why the team constantly plays like such entitled basketball. No hustle, it’s like we’re just expecting 50-50 balls to come our way. Long rebounds are never being tracked. No movement to switch on D. No movement to free up space on offense at times. Just what the fuck is wrong?

  21. Joel was alright, not his best game but he was locked in from the field and played some up and down D.

  22. Every time he looks like he’s turning a corner, he goes on a slump where he looks absolutely unplayable. I think we need to shop him at the deadline, but idk.

  23. We just can’t beat the Celtics. Sigh.

  24. I can’t believe we actually let that lob happen.

  25. Maybe if we played with this kind of energy sooner we wouldn’t be playing catch-up.

  26. Don’t even think about it, Christ. Wiseman is not ready for the NBA and we don’t have the time to spare to wait. Naturally gifted athlete but just not a lot of feel.

  27. The underrated thing we’re gonna forget about this in a few years’ time: he broke the record by scoring his 36th point with a minute left in the 3rd.

  28. Considering how Lebron's been playing, how high is this record going to go? The sky is the limit now, the ball is figuratively and literally in his court now.

  29. I think he plays for three more seasons, let’s say he plays 65 games at…say 25 a game. That’s 4,875 points. If he plays all 28 games after this one and maintains his average, he’ll finish with 39,228 (and that’s assuming he’s stuck at 38,388 tonight). Honestly, we could see him hit 44k.

  30. Watch him win the whole thing. Sims has some freaky bounce.

  31. And he dropped the F Bomb!!! Fucking let’s go lol

  32. I had to stop myself from laughing when that happened lmfao, Bron’s emotions overcame him there pretty bad lol

  33. Oh for sure, he wore his heart on his sleeve for that moment but it’s always funny hearing an F bomb on national TV

  34. The 3pt record has a decent shot at being broken the way offenses are trending.

  35. Even at the volume guys are shooting this year, no one has quite approached the combination of volume and efficiency Steph had that year. Shot over 11 3PA and shot 45% from three. It’s a lot tougher than it looks.

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