1. Lots of different bird eggs look just like this. It could be a brown thrasher egg, I discovered a nest once that had eggs just like those.

  2. If like Get a Life and you have not seen his two Cinemax specials before this, you are in for a treat. Action Family and FDR: A One Man Show. They are both up on YouTube.

  3. I had to move back in with my parents for a few months this year and this show was extra hilarious to me during that time

  4. What area are you living in? I only ask because there may be a spot closer to that price point, but not worth it if you have to drive 30 minutes to get there.

  5. I live in Lancaster but stay with my girlfriend often in Allentown, so anywhere around and in between there is where I’m looking. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Alton’s is another good option, they have one in Cheektowaga and one in Depew (I think). Just peeked at their menu, their Eggs/HF/Toast special is $6.99.

  7. That sounds perfect, thanks. I was craving the eggs/hf/toast combo after mindlessly scrolling on food subreddits all morning!

  8. None that I’m aware of but I’ve always wanted to get into this hobby since I was a kid. I’m 37 and a dad now. What did you buy as a first piece of equipment?

  9. 1992? Haha, that wasn’t 30 years a…………..well crap.

  10. I worked for a place that still used these regularly. I don't think it's that uncommon, especially in smaller businesses that don't have big multi-line phone systems where everyone has their own VM line.

  11. I understand how they could still be useful, I was more surprised by the store selling something from 1992 when it isn’t a secondhand shop

  12. It seems like you might have some curl in your hair that isn’t shaped to it’s fullest potential. You should get a style with more layers that will allow you to scrunch some waves when you’re air drying. That might help blend and smooth the frizz.

  13. I think she’ll have the frizz either way, so might as well try and shape it into a curl. Unless you want to fight it daily with smoothing products. I’m speaking from my own personal experience with frizzy hair

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