1. I found another way that fixed it for me: There is apparently a low frequency option: Bluetooth + volume DOWN until all of the LED turn on. It fixed it for me! I hope it helps someone too! P.S. I tried all of your methods but they did not work. A factory reset did not work either

  2. Yeah.. it is more of an extra extra measure lol. That's why I am saying, just now I can leave them in the van because it is cool enough. I do orginasize all my activities around the weather to make sure when they are left alone is on days that are cool enough (around 16 degree Celsius outside) that's for sure my main concern

  3. I got it. But I want to make sure folks understand that when it's hot out, leaving a fan inside with the dog is not gonna cut the mustard. The only way to cool a van interior below ambient is with an AC, and that takes some serious power (and a fat checkbook).

  4. Ho yes for sure!!! That was our main concern... I always make sure they are outside of the van during the worse hours and tries to make them swim every chance I get! I was thinking also of getting maybe a camera & a thermometer that gives me the temp on my cell in real time just to make extra sure because I am always so worried when I leave them...! That's probably the best option if you can afford it!

  5. I've been nervous about the 1995 e150 I just bought based solely on its age.... Two owner, everything looks good... But still, 1995...

  6. I have an 1997 Econoline and appart from a few repairs... I am really amazed at how well it's been doing since I've bought it four years ago!

  7. Dudeee awesome build! I am currently building my kitchen cabinet and having a hard time building nice doors for the cabinets 😭 yours looks awesome! I love the wood and the hinges :) Are you in mtrl by any chance? I seem to recognize the city but not entirely sure!

  8. Building things with 90 degree angles in a tin box with no 90 degree angles is a challenge, for sure! DM me if you would like to see how the counter and cupboards were built, maybe it will help? I'm not in Mtrl, I'm about as far as you can get from there, but it's definitely on my list of cities to visit!

  9. Lmao In in mtrl / Quebec but I am leaving next week to go to Vancouver :) I'd love to see how you built yours!

  10. The paint is awesome! First pic's colours of the van really gives me an old Gatorade vibe lol I love it

  11. Nice thanks!! I am interested, are those unfoldable solar panels good? I was thinking of putting some at the front of my truck to recharge my battery but I don't know if they are worth the investment... Also you keep it so tidy! Awesome! :)

  12. The ones I bought are 100w, and takes about 8 hours to fully charge :( kinda slow tbh! But also works.

  13. Thanks! This might be a stupid question... But do you know if those works from inside a window? (I wanted to put them on the dash inside of my truck)

  14. I shaved my springer and posted a picture on Facebook and a lot of people told me not to do that since they have an undercoat and it can regrow weirdly.. although it helped a lot since he is always in the water. I don't know I don't think it's good to shave them tho apparently.

  15. Ho my god such a gorgeous picture and such a sweet doggo ❤️😍 give her kisses from me

  16. I am just wondering why Saint-Bernard is on that list? They aren't guarding dogs for all I know.. they don't seem to fit with the rest of them.. not that breed really has anything to do with it anyways -_-

  17. This is not nearly as common as you are making it out to be.

  18. Yep I realised that it's way more local that I thought lol... It is super common in Montreal and Quebec city where I have worked but it looks like that ends there lol

  19. lol yeah I grew up in southern Ontario and spent a lot of time at pools, lakes etc and nobody I knew did this.

  20. Your springer looks EXACTLY like my boy... I've never seen another springer that looks anything like him!! He's part showline and part working line. They have the same leg trim too!! Do you have a front pic of your baby??

  21. We got the last one from the litter... Nobody chose him because he was always so mellow and just sleeping or chilling while the others where happy and playful. Turns out he is extra calm and super cuddly but also really playful... We got the best calm one! :)

  22. People putting a hand on my shoulder. For any reason whatsoever I don't know you? Don't do it. I know you a little? Don't do it, I know you a lot? Still don't do it. Leave my shoulders alone 😭

  23. I swear the god.. his work looks nothing like his truck... Good thing he works in construction and not as a mechanic I guess....

  24. Also I think even if something happened like car break in or porch pirates ect and you go to the cops with the video they'll tell you they cannot do anything about it if I remember correctly.... So what's the point anyways??

  25. This sort of legal jiggery is why I keep Tor Browser installed on my devices for "Sensitive and Private Search Topics"

  26. Uses tor for: How to start arson Adress of the house Where to abort How to summon Satan

  27. That's... Awesome! To say you have been through this without a huge breakdown would mean you pretty much have your BPD under control for the worse ever possible outcomes. Super proud of you! Keep it up!

  28. Awesomeeeeeee you'll see when you get him! Sometimes the name comes to you! I've had pu dog for two months before I found his final name lmao in that phase he went through: llave bidou bidousan Kevin crepouille Zoro Tim and then finally one day his name came! (His name is Sherlock) :)

  29. I'm curious to see the inside... First time I see a van like this with the added head space haha! Looks cool

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