1. Whatever has the least str requirements so you can pump dex even more.

  2. Not if you doin a mavinas or 3soc tiara or circlet for absolute minmaxing but yeah if you're using giants skull or something else

  3. NOT CRYPTO. Put $2000 into a like 3 month locked higher interest account. Of the 1k left, put 300 into a "for fun" fund, 300 into a "things I need (workout equipment, instruments, a bike, tools, whatever lasts and is useful) and 300 into an emergency fund incase some shit happens.

  4. Capitalisms exploitation of its working class will always create an unhappy, lackluster working force.

  5. Yeah despite all the "wow what a fuck up" posts, I can't help but think that this dudes life is brutal and he's probably severely underpaid and overworked.

  6. Unfortunately I don't think you can do anything without someone else coming to help.............Wesley.

  7. It's awesome, but not really better than many other weapons. If you're playing offline with no runes it would be sweet for a berserker or zealer.

  8. Not bad at all, first could possibly replace cats eye for a javazon but the lack of IAS breakpoints could be tough. On the other hand with enough stacked damage, or an ormus socketed with a 15ias jewel, could possibly kill quicker? Either way not bad at all

  9. Quite good. Every affix is useful and only a few so-so rolls but low mana leech is fine. Edit low life leech meh but still. Very good ring

  10. -50 defense per hit seems fairly worthless to me. Why am I wrong?

  11. Per hit is the key there, on a strafer or frenzy barb or zealer, say you hit 5x/second with zeal, so two zeals is -500def, etc. Weaken is a bad curse for it though, it would be better with decrep.

  12. Why say trade for Arreats Face then. Isn't that a shield?

  13. Arreats face is a barbarian unique helmet It gives: +2 barb skills +2 combat skills 20% attack rating 6% life steal +20 str +20 dex and +30 all res. It is by far the best barbarian helmet , no competition

  14. Gotchya. No idea why I thought it was a shield.

  15. No worries, it would be an insane shield if so, haha

  16. What the fuck lol. Guess you gotta get an act3 Merc with crescent moon and dream shield or something

  17. I'm flabbergasted. Found Jah earlier too. On fucking fire!! Playing p3-p8 depending on char and area.but find for mf p3 is.fast and easy. runes p5 for my builds efficiency. p8 to grind exp on my higher lvl chars, 89 blizzard sorc

  18. Such is the way sometimes! You're making me want to grind 😭

  19. No good 3s runewords. Obedience is basically what a spearzon would use (5soc) until they got infinity

  20. It's no grief but it'll totally still kill shit

  21. Yeah for sure, it's definitely still quite good, I think crescent's static makes it a bit better for boss killing but this seems comparable or better for crowds

  22. Those are gloves for sure. Not the worst, only good for a frostmaiden/hybrid bowa but pretty good for such a class

  23. Amythest should always be sold seperate since they are higher value than other pgems.

  24. Now that TZs are higher level, d/baal/nilathak GCS are worthless, not even worth rerolling you can just find them all over.

  25. Maybe true for faster trap laying does ias affect blade fury?

  26. Nope, just ED is fine. That looks just fine to me

  27. Blind until you hit a wall. Synergies are self evident so maybe take a bit of time to look at the skill trees and plan out your progression. Get a feel for the items and different types of enemies, have fun with it. You'll hit a wall that you'll either grind through or get stuck and need help, then you can start looking at guides. That's my opinion as someone who first played d2 twenty years ago

  28. They're not actually worth a crazy amount, but it's my preferred source of cannot be frozen for travincal/horkbarbing. Dunno what they sell for because I always end up finding one when I need it, i can't imagine they sell for more than a pul

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