1. the only thing holding me back on p2pool is that i have to open up my port forwarding

  2. U dont have to open any ports if youre mining on 1 machine

  3. Whats the best pi model to run this on? Doesnt it need a big ssd capable of holding the blockchain?

  4. Or you can use paru, from the same dev as yay. Updates everything with 1 command.

  5. only to an extent. Miners could trivially redirect their hash rate in response.

  6. What can we do to help stop this? I already solomine to help decentralize the network, and we already have P2Pool as an option in the Monero GUI. Though, the P2Pool Option in the Monero GUI seems to be broken for me.

  7. Try running the wallet with admin rights to get p2pool to work in gui

  8. If you ever try to use LN without centralized custodial solutions, you’ll understand just how truly dumb of a system they’ve built. While still trying to convince everyone it’s a legit solution to scaling.

  9. Very cool. Whats the system? Is this a phone? Also is this a public node?

  10. P2pool is decentralized mining. Totally different from other pools and contributes the same network strength as solo mining

  11. Tbh im not sure. But i know its trusted by everyone. Besides, what can p2pool even accomplish by being malicious?

  12. I did some back of the napkin math to see what it would take to reach 1GH. $100M in 64-core EPYCs assuming a volume discount. Wild stuff.

  13. Ah yes, the benefits of having a hardware wallet. /s

  14. Curious why the majority in this sub have a genuine hatred for HW's. I always thought it was the safest way to store coins?

  15. A hardware wallet combines cold storage with ease of use. Your mnemonic seed is essentially your cold storage, and the Trezor or Ledger is an ease of use mini-computer that makes signing transactions safe and secure. It is the de facto best way to store crypto.

  16. Isnt a HW techniqly cold storage already?

  17. 10 confirmation lock time is a feature, not a bug. Decoy selection is just as important as double spend proofing

  18. Run a public node on your computer if you cant mine, or do both!

  19. Wtf is wrapped XMR? Monero without the privacy?

  20. Mining isn't the only way to acquire XMR and it isn't a scheme to extract value, it's the very infrastructure your transactions of value live on.

  21. they've gone as far as infecting atms or atm cameras and other microcrap to mine monero even if they have a power next to 0

  22. First time ive ever heard this. Thats insane!!

  23. I was sad because I spent a full monero on lunch this past saturday. Well, lunch for two.

  24. Thats a fancy lunch my guy. Did she put out?

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