1. What's the difference in emotions trading other people's money? Is it harder at first then easier?

  2. Steady boys, deploying more arrest warrants.

  3. I wonder why Craig Wright did that?

  4. I'm a fan of Saylor. But this is hilarious! I read the whole thing with his voice in my head.

  5. Yeah I actually made up a formula to compare some very different jobs.

  6. Hello! You have made the mistake of writing "ect" instead of "etc."

  7. Vitalik is a scammer and has a vested interest in lying about Bitcoin. He needs to convince the uninformed that mETH is better than Bitcoin to make money of his 70% premine. He is no better than Faketoshi, Shitcoin Jesus or Do Kwon and all the rest of them. They're all scammers out to enrich themselves on the backs of uninformed "investors"

  8. Is it possible to be employed as a FIFO as a self-employed contractor?

  9. I know its possible, but I would need some mining experience before I did that.

  10. Not in your situation but my understanding is with child support - if you’re 50:50 it ratchets up a bit for the nights after 50:50.

  11. Vegemite is king for B12 and tastes good lightly spread on toast with lots of butter.

  12. Sounds like your an Aussie, am I right?

  13. I came to this subreddit 4 months ago with hopes of curing my brain fog which had been completely ruining my life for 2 straight months(basically just a lazy log who couldn't think straight I even had problems seeing some times that was how bad my concentration had got. Almost got in a car accident from it). This sub is an amazing community of helpful individual, however nobody could really help me I had tried every pill you possible could try to get my focus back. I tried caffeine, meditating and a plethora of other things to try and cure my brain fog to no avail. I felt the same way many of you felt, hopeless, however with a super easy enjoyable tactic I got rid of my brain fog in around 1 week and have never felt better. Now I'm about to talk like a mad man. This method costs zero dollars and won't require a bottle of pills, or a mentor.... SLEEP!!! The most under rated healing practice humans have been practicing for tens of thousands of years. when I tell you listen closely to my advice here and follow it and you will see remarkable results I mean it. For starters we as humans are a species of habits, this means taking 5 naps periodically at random times through out the day is a bad idea. If you are interested in why this is bad I can further explain but I will get to the super secret method first as that is probably why you are reading this. For starters the best thing you can do is set yourself a consistent sleep schedule whether that be going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 6am or going to bed at 2am and getting up at 12pm there has to be consistency. Doesn't matter what time period but at minimum you should be getting 8 hours of regularly timed sleep. And ik some of you can get by with 5 hours and 2 red bulls in the morning. But I ask you this what if you never knew what it was like to be well rested because you have never been well rested(just some food for thought). And NO, special exceptions do not disprove the rule. Now that we have the ground work layed down I want to make sure you are not going into this with a sprinters mentality, sleeping should not be a sprint. I say this because I know some of you are immediately thinking well if sleep is the solution I'll just start popping some sleeping pills or melatonin, NO!!! I cannot stress this enough sleeping pills do not give you real sleep it is a sedative state similar to when you get really drunk and sleep. do you ever wake up after drinking and feel wow I feel rejuvenated(and ik there is lots of toxins in alcohol that are also contributing to that feeling for any of you smart asses). NO and that's because it is a sedative state, I can get into more specifics If you are interested but I cannot stress this enough do not take sleeping pills. Melatonin has its place when you are first getting a good sleeping schedule together however it should not be taken for long periods of time(I never take it for more then 2 weeks). If you are going the Melatonin route I recommend taking it around a hour before you plan on actually sleeping. The trick is routine, like I said getting ready for bed should be a set of tasks in a order that get you calm and ready to sleep. So this means no tik tok, Instagram, porn, or anything else that will get you all fired up. Not only will you be releasing tons of pleasure hormones that will wake you up but also the blue light from your phone will also keep you awake. So no phone 1 hour before bed! For your first couple nights your sleep may not be amazing but trust me, keep at it your body needs time to adjust. For some of you who believe you are getting great sleep and sleep is not your problem, I would suggest you get yourself some type of sleep tracking device. Doesn't have to be something crazy like medical sleep lab equipment, but the easiest one I would say is a smart watch!(yes ik these things are not crazy accurate but it gives you a decent enough baseline to see where your faults are at). The number one thing you want to look at is ... all of it! REM, deep sleep, and light sleep are all extremely important. I can get into the numbers if anyone is interested but a simple Google search will tell you what percentage of what you should be getting each night. That being said the number one indicator if you are getting good sleep is whether or not you can easily wake up on your own each morning without an alarm clock and not feel tired at all in the morning(I'm looking at you coffee drinkers). Now that I have bored you with all this crazy advice I invite you to give this method a try, I mean what could it hurt you were going to sleep anyways! If you have any questions or want any tips on getting good quality sleep feel free to ask away and I hope this advice can be a helping hand to anyone struggling with any long covid symptoms especially brain fog.

  14. If anyone want to read more on the topic of sleep , I recommend visiting

  15. Sold a huge chunk of my hold stack a few days ago since my saving account is running dry (thank oil, gas and energy prices)

  16. Did you selling your stack cause the dump today 🤔

  17. No offense but I don't believe when anyone says crypto will go up or down like they know for sure. Remember when people were sure BTC was going to 10k after the inflation numbers came out and it didn't move? It is going to do what it is going to do and we won't know until it happens.

  18. Here is my standard comment for newbie traders the basic premise of the question at hand is what strategy are you using for your position sizing. Most traders who blow up accounts feed larger sharks. These concepts should help you form a superior strategy and give you some tools for your belt.

  19. I literally copied that entire text, pasted into keepnotes so I have it all the time.

  20. Pretty good news for ex argh peeeeee!

  21. Hey there mate, I just drop this here whenever I see an Aussie on this sub: there's a (smallish for now) group chat on Session messenger. Just DM the admin to get added. Session ID is moneroaustralia. Good place to ask around and trade tips.

  22. I checked out Localmonero.co, that's really cool

  23. Yep. I've done literally hundreds of trades there and never lost funds. You can always segment your purchase into amounts you are comfortable with.

  24. Literally turn off all your indicators and start drawing lines from tops and bottoms. You will be surprised how quickly you pick it up.

  25. Don't get me wrong I'm still feeling my way through trading, I ain't a pro or anything.

  26. I'm on the same page, but BTC DCA only. I would not be dropping lump sums into BTC.

  27. If Coke gets to a million dollars I probably will stop drinking it. Probably…

  28. So going off your vanguard idea and assuming your in it for the long haul like 6-10years +.

  29. The only debt I have is a massive tax bill (from selling Bitcoin) lesson learnt, either HODL.

  30. Today I felt that I missed out on two trades in the morning. Sat back waited a bit and found some about an hour later. Over time your patience will increase. Especially if you are meticulous about finding really solid trade setups.

  31. I don't think it has anything to do with your 9-5 career. There are only 2 basic emotions that every trader deals with, FOMO and FUD. The former is extremely destructive more so than the latter. I would rank most people failed due to FOMO 5x as many as people who failed due to FUD.

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