John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For The Most Wishes Granted Through The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  1. Shane Gillis “Hes the Angel of Death for those guys. if you see Cena coming, you get the fuck out of there.”

  2. Too scared to give up the big play so they’d rather give up every shorter play! Smh

  3. I’ve been yelling at the screen all game. Playing 8-10 yards off the receivers

  4. I wonder, would the ammonia in glass cleaner work? Or would it be best to go with straight ammonia?

  5. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I would assume it would take longer though.

  6. Can you tell how you made this kind of patina? I was never interested in brass gear as I find them too heavy but this patina is soo beatiful!

  7. There are some good tutorials online but here’s a quick rundown: Clean scales thoroughly, Spray water and sprinkle some salt on scales, In a Tupperware container, suspend scales over rags or paper towel soaked in ammonia, Leave until you get your desired result, Carefully rinse the scales (the patina is fragile), Seal with clear coat

  8. Watch the install video from Legends on YouTube. You’re supposed to have 10 degrees of rotation when torqued down.

  9. I just picked this watch up myself last week! Absolutely love it on the green nato. Enjoy!

  10. Part of the fun is trying out all kinds of new straps. I found out I really like sailcloth straps, and of course natos.

  11. Absolutely love it. Can’t stand a NATO strap myself. I like the look but they have never fit properly on my wrist.

  12. Most of them are a bit too short for me. Like the strap in the picture, there’s not enough excess to neatly tuck back into the last loop.

  13. It's quite beautiful. Congratulations on your 42nd birthday!

  14. Looks great! I’m a sucker for copper, I’ve been playing around with shipwreck patina and love it.

  15. In the container I have rags soaked with ammonia. That is what is reacting with the salt and water on the scales. The scales are suspended over the ammonia. These were in the container about 4 hours.

  16. Hopefully the people in line are true watch nerds and not piece of shit scalpers. I guess I’ll be waiting until they sell online.

  17. I will say that everyone around me in line was a massive watch nerd. One dude was wearing a rose gold day date and there were a ton of people rocking real speedmasters.

  18. That blue rubber strap and the leather strap are from Barton

  19. There is no transfer of blue onto my hands. After going through the process, I rinsed the ammonia and salt off the pieces, dried them, and applied a clear coat over the top. According to sources I got the idea from, it should hold up. I just finished it, so I have no first hand knowledge of the longevity.

  20. Depends on how much you handle it. I did the same to my Refyne copper pen and even with the clear coat it is starting to wear. Still looks good though. After it wears off enough I’m just going to redo it. Yours came out beautifully.

  21. I wish these were all mine! Only the Aquaracer is I. My collection. The other three are on the wishlist.

  22. That black bay is the bucherer special edition right? It looks gorgeous!

  23. I believe so. It is a beautiful watch, especially on the leather strap.

  24. I recently added the Seagull 1963 Chronograph and the Seiko 5 to my collection. I am really impressed with the value of both of these watches. It is pretty amazing that you can find this quality at these prices. The only problem I’ll have is not spending thousands on all the different dial options the have in their diver lineup. At least nato straps are pretty inexpensive.

  25. Love the ceramic/titanium Omega.

  26. That was a BIG jump up from the last purchase. Which happened to be the Tag Heuer Aquaracer not pictured (currently being serviced).

  27. Custom Siberian cleaver from Meek Custom Knives. He’s active duty Air Force and somehow finds the time to make some beautiful knives. I also had him make a really nice hunting knife for my dad. I don’t think he’s on Reddit but you can find him on Instagram at @meekcustomknives

  28. That’s 2 votes for mesh. Luckily these pins are pretty easy to remove!

  29. I too love the mesh. It goes very well

  30. Don’t know but I like the simplicity of this watch. Just looks so clean and not cluttered at all.

  31. Beautiful. I e never understood being married and having split finances. Guess it works for some. Though.

  32. It works for us because we were honest about what we make and how bills should be split. We set an agreed upon amount for each to save every month. 17 years later and money is not a sore subject for us.

  33. Awesome, it looks great! Do you completely coat the whole blade and then sharpen off the extra?

  34. I don’t do anything to the blade, just the scales.

  35. Not sure about the cooler one, but it’s the titanium and copper frame lock. I did the shipwreck patina.

  36. You’d think with how much I talk about knives autocorrect would get me by now lol, looks great man

  37. Bugout w/ copper Flytanium scales that I shipwrecked.

  38. I bought two with the copper scales. Great knife for $50.

  39. That is one of the cooler looking blue handles I’ve seen on a knife. If blue can look tough that’s it…

  40. Thank you, I was very pleased with how these turned out.

  41. Did you spray or drip ammonia on them while in the chamber? Or just salt and fumes?

  42. Also this knife has a dark finish applied to the scales, so I first took a stiff wire brush to them to brighten them up a bit.

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