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  1. He couldn't make eye contact because he'd been doing the exact same thing.

  2. The only mechanic that is actually similar to Dragon's Dogma are the shot types, so I'd say Monster Hunter's bow is about as similar to Dragon's Dogma's bow as it is to Minecraft's.

  3. Yea IIRC the bow in MH is pretty much a slightly more ranged melee weapon that you need to dance around with to keep from getting pummeled. Kinda like the repeaters in "Dauntless"

  4. Kinda reminds me of old school d1 fusion rifle kill trades

  5. Because you're wasting someone else's time so you can be lazy. It's pure laziness and selfishness when you know the answer is out there but don't want to look it up.

  6. Don't you think searching for an existing explanation on YouTube will be more effective than asking somebody to prepare you a custom explanation here in this thread?

  7. I'm currently at work so can't watch youtube.

  8. Which makes this storyline even more infuriating. Stop acting like we’re stupid!

  9. Issue is most people don't go online to check this stuff out and just watch the show. Like my wife does.

  10. Honestly i just thought some of these were funny in the comparison.

  11. I shoot all chests in BBI with explosive rivet then I open them, so my pawns need to just barely melee it and boom one half dead maneater

  12. Man, i may remove immolation and just do that instead

  13. How is it cringe when religion is so regularly and improperly used to make legal decisions that shouldn't legally be allowed to be made as such? It's gross.

  14. It's a regular saying just like calling someone "buddy" or whatever. I get not believing in it, but getting this hung up on something that's regularly said is just odd.

  15. They can still barely keep them in stock.

  16. My man is so excited he can't even unlock the door.

  17. Man, Hawkeye and Thor look like they could change outfits and you wouldn't know the difference (provided he could hold Mjolnir)

  18. I mean I don't play this either but I'll still watch every trailer for DLC in games that I own to see if it will make me come back.

  19. I mean I've been hungry before I went to bed and then tried to "eat" stuff in my dream but was just never satisfied (obviously since it's fake)

  20. I can think of 2 bosses you can make a plunging attack on DS3 (asylum demon and a dragon), none in DS1, we dont speak of DS2.

  21. Looks like they taped an old school nokia phone to your helmet

  22. So I read the title, then the post that made me re-read the title.

  23. Yea, but this time I'm "conjuring" my bow & dagger!

  24. When I worked for Comcast many years ago there was an old lady that called in requesting help with her internet. After some troubleshooting the tech asked her to right click on IE and after a few seconds the lady said "ok, now what" and the tech asked if the menu came up and she said it didn't do anything. After a bit of other questions he comes to find out that when he asked her to "right click" on IE she took a sharpie and "wrote click" on the monitor. Comcast apparently had to buy her a new monitor since the tech technically didn't explain it thoroughly.

  25. Honestly depends what it is but you just talk because if it's bad enough you may get resentful and "poison" the marriage anyway.

  26. Rattlesnakes make noise and I have never looked up to see one.

  27. I laughed way harder at this than I should have

  28. My favorite of the series, probably because it was the first one I played more than 4 months thanks to Kill Confirmed.

  29. Assuming this was worked out with your group as a sort of challenge?

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