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  1. Code doesn't require a certain orientation and manufacturers and society have dictated that ground down is standard unless otherwise called for.

  2. I enjoyed the dewclaw visits. The two of em had some funny chemistry.

  3. I am currently still subscribed, but since the freedom convoy video I have not really felt like watching his videos. Quality has been low for a while, but that video somehow changed my perception of him. Since then I have only watched 4 of his 28 released videos. I think that I am finally ready to unsubscribe now.

  4. I'm in the same boat. Expert I've only seen maybe 2 of his videos. I used to have notifications for his videos and watch right away, not anymore..

  5. Add caffeine and it’s easily 1 in 2. Add food/sugar, sex, and shopping and suddenly it’s a nation of addicts. Wonder what that says about our society….

  6. It says a lot about how our monkey brains are conditioned from a young age

  7. you can tell by how wonky they made the receiver on that ar

  8. When you order a cake it's usually some 17 year old drawing it in icing

  9. I reckon he's over seas or Canadian given that his tape says 8 Meters.

  10. Def not Canadian. All our construction tapes are imperial or combo imperial/metric. At least out west

  11. railroad? they look like powerpole insulators. i got a few that i collected when I was a kid still use em as doorsteps and one a green one as a paperweight.

  12. The smaller ones were for railroad telegraphs

  13. I read somewhere that this is what good electricians do. I am not one myself but read where an electrician explained that all of their hard work gets covered up with drywall and is not really appreciated, so they do this as their own “cherry on top” to signify a job well done. The guys said it alot more eloquently and explained it further but it was something similar to this. Basically, you had an electrician who cared about doing a good job

  14. Yep, it shows we're proud of our work and that we take time for the little things

  15. If you can get the cover on then its not full yet amirite

  16. Then we can fit more wires in until the cover doesn't fit. I like the way you think brother.

  17. Yes. You need make sure to add enough so that you can't reach the wires in the back of the original one. This is a very important step that can't be skipped. Only after you've done this can you fill all the new extensions with new wire

  18. I’m sorry for the basic question but I can’t find this answer anywhere; do they let you use calculators for the aptitude test? I’m guessing probably not but I just need to know for sure. Thanks!

  19. Practice your long division and multiplication. No calculators allowed.

  20. Scissor lift is only vertical. This can boom over in other directions.

  21. That sounds like it's illegal then

  22. Just cause you can be arrested and harrased by the horsey police doesn't mean it's against the law.

  23. Any electrician worth their salt, can figure shit out, but who'll pay him hours of labor, when replacing a board is a lot cheaper.

  24. Depends what you mean by troubleshooting it? Do you want to know if the board works or not? Then yeah any electrician should be able to figure it out. But do you want to know what's failed on the board? That can be a lot more specialized

  25. Makita is present on jobsites in Canada. Milwaukee if far and ahead the leader, but Makita comes close 3rd after DeWalt.

  26. I almost choked on my food looking at this. What the Hell?????? So if they need to remove the cover to service the box, they’re just gonna slide the cover down the pipe…SMH

  27. Looks like it's a slot cut out, not a hole, so you can pull the cover down and off

  28. why test it on a ballistic gel dummy or do some other non endangering test when you can test it on yourself?

  29. He's obviously not testing, it's a demo. Would you rather buy a vest that the creator has shot themselves with, or one that they didn't?

  30. One of the things I hate most about the trade. Everything is called whatever, by whoever, depending when you ask. Just give up on names and call it all doohickeys and ding dongs, and point.

  31. It's all fun and games till someone asks for a horsecock and they're dead serious

  32. Surprisingly the way I run it I have maybe 2-3 foot left most of the time.

  33. Usually if it's longer than about 6 feet you can find somewhere to use it. Not the biggest deal but if this is cheaper since it doesn't come with the metal roll then it probably evens out

  34. Are you talking about the 250ft rolls? Much easier imo than lugging around 500 or 1000 foot spools, especially when the rooms are small.

  35. I've never seen 250 foot rolls not come on a metal apool

  36. I've also used it to tickle my jman from a safe distance.

  37. block meaning the whole engine? or just the lower part

  38. Block meaning the big piece all the smaller parts fit into.

  39. I had this happen once. I immediately scrambled for lower ground so I wouldn't get struck by lightning.

  40. I've done that on load centers when we didn't have fillers during temp power phase. But it got switched out pretty quickly when the proper shit got there

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