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  1. Persona 4 was so famous they made bright colors a real thing

  2. obog says:

    100% agree. Would like to avoid launches like this in the future like everyone else, but I'd rather developers fix their mistakes than not.

  3. You realise US cant build bases without the country's consent right?

  4. Im yet to drink a alcoholic beverage that doesnt taste like acidic piss water

  5. Rob Liefeld isn’t known for his anatomical

  6. If you actually think rainwater was always drinkable youre an idiot who needs go back to 3rd grade science class

  7. You just gave a baby… to a pedophile satanist thats a member of the cabal. The ignorance man, the ignorance.

  8. Pensava que era tradução de ProtugalCirclejerk mas é só pilas mesmo

  9. Don't mind me askin', but where does the audio come from?

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