1. great movie. was so tired, i putt brad pitt here,,, ITS not BRAD pitt. Val Kilmer.

  2. Where is the police station? I need to do that basilisk quest , anyone know?

  3. i have like 15 different keys and they are not on this map

  4. Right above the I in sawah vIllage is the bank where you use the 2nd floor bank key. This drops when you do the faction mission to kill the HVT.

  5. They say diving down might help because drawing people try to stay above the water. And you going under might get them off you.

  6. This google chrome extension got it working for me. Had the same problems as above. Could not listen to music on MixCloud, but could hear that podcast he listed and had same error on chrome console. This app when added, music played!!

  7. Latest notes say its close, where do you see info it will be out today?

  8. Lol he camps and watches the front of the building, sprints down, wraps the entire thing, doesn't know which door to enter or which windows to look in, aims down at an area he already cleared then slowly walks by the front windows overlooking the most high traffic lane on the map.

  9. while leaving his side exposed to the hill and resort.. yea not someone who has hours.

  10. If only there was someone or something that would be responsible for the care of that child...

  11. It was removed as it was a LFG without the needed info, which can be found on the rules. Left side on side bar.

  12. It is the same because neither requires skill.

  13. Not wanting to sit and watch tv does not equate to being a cheater lmao

  14. When people talk about specific server, is that because they are picking servers where people are sleeping? Or picking a single server has a higher likelihood of an empty raid?

  15. There are servers that are good for/packed with...

  16. I think you're WAY WAY WAY overthinking this.

  17. Thanks man. My friends tried for months trying to convince me to get EFT. I was hesitant as I thought I wouldn't enjoy it. Now that I got the game, I have been so much fun dude. Most fun I have had in a game in a very long time.

  18. Tarkov and Total War Warhammer 3 with friends.

  19. In news article it says they had to restrain him to chair and get court order to draw blood. Like who put baby in corner?

  20. This means that they still got suckers who think that they have some master plan for lore or whatnot

  21. huh? I'm not complaining about entering codes or anything.

  22. Over the last 6 wipes or so, I would say scav population has been cut in half. It's sad. The game used to feel more alive.

  23. None of these have been removed. I‘ve seen all of these last wipe. The only onces I havent seen this wipe yet are the road to customs scavs.

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