1. It's actually very likely that you do in a reddit post title. In order to keep the auto admin bots from swooping down and banishing your ass to the shadow realm for talking about suicide not in the context of linking to prevention.

  2. That's called "native mounting" my lad.

  3. You are a sleeper agent, "honey mustard thanks sweetheart" is your activation phrase.

  4. Lmfao take my fking upvote

  5. Value yourself and have your own pride.

  6. how much did this Starlink setup cost you? Any complaints about it? I'm thinking about getting one soon..

  7. classic reddit with it's classic incel's. Literally dropping garbage on this subreddit and getting upvotes for it is hilarious, you yourself admitted it and your calling me pathetic? Just take the L bro and stop.

  8. You still crying? Lmao what an idiot X)

  9. well ik it's not really related to linux. But look at the profile pic.. There's a fking penguin! so yeah xD

  10. That way you put him to sleep

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