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  1. she is a streamer too so someone at Gamefreak is a chumbud

  2. My favorite Pokemon Memory or at least that one that stuck in my mind the most was when I was playing my first every pokemon game (Pearl) and I got that stupid traded Haunter with the everstone. At the time I didn't know what this meant so I proceeded to power the thing up and fight exclusively with it until it got to level 100. That final level filled me with SO MUCH happiness and is stuck forever in my brain.

  3. I switch between thumbs and index fingers on my phone. Fingers is if I'm home and I can play at my desk, and thumbs if I'm not home. I move WAY faster with with fingers compared to thumbs so I prefer fingers. Started with thumbs though.

  4. I actually cannot fathom how cute this Shark is man. Like it actually hurts how cute she is

  5. Depends on the day, but if there is absolutely no way to win the game, I'm not going to try and antigank and make my team sit there and wait till it's done. I'll just let the enemy kill me

  6. I saw a clip of Gura at some point last year (couldn't tell you which one now) and was like, "OKAY FINE". First stream I watched was her New year's Getting Over It stream, which also happened to be the one where she had a bit much to drink so she was extra silly. I was hooked after that.

  7. Okay that one actually made me laugh. What a perfectly timed execution

  8. Nice man!! I've only got Cent, Gryphon and Warden left myself! It's awesome to see someone who's has the same goal as me!

  9. It’s been a grind, PK and Glad are both at 43, Cent is at 30, Gryphon is at 23 and Warmonger is at 24

  10. A grind indeed. Cent has been so far, the most painful to play, and and I really don't like Gryphon at all but I still want them knights all to 70. I wish you the best of luck in future grinding

  11. I personally liked it, but imagine a random person looking into the Rabbithole will see?

  12. Although some went by Sith Lady, Sith Lord is gender neutral and thus applies to both men and women.

  13. Dang man, was going for a prequels reference... Though I do know this tidbit of info.

  14. I don't think I'm ever going to try tiering. I enjoy the game far too much and wldo NOT want the burnout. Congrats on top 100 though

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