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  1. Barber arc. When the shogun went to the barbers.

  2. From Yamato vs Kaido in the last episode and now Luffy and Yamato hitting Kaido. Toei did a great job!

  3. Nah full of crap content. I prefer Facebook with the groups I'm in.

  4. They leave tissues on the tube seats and then they ask for money for the tissues.

  5. I recently got into city pop and this is amazing cover. Good job

  6. Probably u haven't been to the reward room

  7. U can level up to lvl 15 and it will work like it was lvl 10 before the winter update

  8. Seeing Sanji dealing with King and Queen, just about the most powerful Kaido's crew, make me so proud of the cook, look how far he's come.

  9. Damn cold but just be careful with slippery roads. I slid my car into the main road today. Scary af.

  10. Demonio Fleur is quite possibly the best ultimate attack in the series.

  11. Young unohana: catch me outside, How about that

  12. chin up champ. Forget these negative people. They're backward in mentality. It's the same with some Arab families.

  13. Kill the app by pkill and do snap refresh Firefox and you'll be a happy fella again. :)

  14. cmon don't do that to brook, he already went through 50 years of

  15. You can hunt training dummies with exercise weapons

  16. London will be under the water in 100 years time.

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