1. Tell Erdoğan to stop spending all of Turkeys money genociding the Kurdish people and you wouldn't be in an economic crisis.

  2. Yeah factory sucks for PMCs unless you're a gigachad or you get super lucky and spawn in some remote corner and you're able to wait out the initial deathmatch.

  3. That's sexy, I'd take that over the goathead in blue and white

  4. Tbh I love the blue and gold goathead too, we're spoiled with jersey options.

  5. I for one, dig it and I would rock the shit out of that jersey.

  6. Roch needs another goalie if UPL is up here right? Think he would sign a two-way?

  7. Considering he was passed up twice in the draft and his numbers haven't blown anyone out of the water prior to this WJC I'm sure he'd be willing to sign any NHL contract presented to him.

  8. The NHL is going to have to make two Calder trophies. Power and Quinn

  9. I mean in the 1st clip you fired HEAT directly into ERA on the Russian tank. Let's not get into this while you're playing an Abrams which literally eats SABOT like it's its job.

  10. Awful play by Hughes. Nice read by Kulich. The Czechs outmuscled the US all game.

  11. That read was elite, he sees Hughes under pressure at the point and his only outlet is to his D Partner and he's already moving with speed to intercept the puck and then just blasts by the defender. Kulich is special.

  12. PS 7.62 is literally better and just as easy to find than any low-tier 5.45. Plus, it's cheap as hell and has a decent frag chance. Also, what 5.45 gun has less recoil? A mid-modded-akm series is miles better than any 5.45 ak. There's a reason why no one uses them.

  13. 7.62 mags above a 10 round mag aren't available at LL1 on any trader so going 5.45 for the 30 round mags is a better option at low level.

  14. you get a million of em from scavs tho

  15. You get 10 round aluminum mags and 10 round ribbed mags from scavs 90% of the time.

  16. I understand it. Rosen really goes out of his way to avoid contact. Unless something changes he's going to have an extremely difficult time adapting to NA hockey.

  17. That's the entire Swedish team so that doesn't relate to why Rosén is getting left off the ice in the WJC

  18. Yep. I thought he's looked good at the WJC, especially Swedens second game where he used his speed to force a turnover and then passed it for an assist.

  19. They'd be immediately assaulted by anyone seeing them do it.

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