1. Rent a van, throw a mattress in the back and sling Heady brews on terr to make some moolah.

  2. Gotta know what corner of delco this advice is coming from

  3. Haven't hiked the area or have any suggestions, just wanted to say I love this!! I got engaged on a hike as well and it was beautiful. I'd say have the ring on you on your ideal hike, and you'll know when you found the right spot.

  4. Wow that last part is actually tremendous advice, did not think of that one bit - thank you!

  5. That’s probably a big no. Most drivers are lucky to get $150. Some drivers only get $50. It depends on the market, and who you get on the chat. I hope you got a ton of pictures or they won’t give you anything possibly.

  6. Soooo I put in for 6 nights of the lottery and hit 5, which is honestly terrible because I was not expecting that and I can’t afford it lol. Here are the three nights I’m trying to get rid of, will pass them off at face value, but would like to sell them all to one person.

  7. Everything’s Right, Tweezer, Mikes>Simple>Weekapaug, Life Beyond a Dream, Carini

  8. The jamming has been so flat. The same old ground, cut and paste. DWD wasn’t even an exception imo

  9. i hope u are right my dude. i think 2023 is going to be a sweet year. u catching any shows?

  10. Gonna try and catch 2 at the Mann and 1 or 2 at MSG! Hbu?

  11. Always have a soft spot for Heavy Things because arguably the peak of the band overall and in mainstream culture was Trey peaking the mini-jam on ABC national TV on 12/31/1999.

  12. Having retirement savings spread-out, though, gives you some flexibility if you think that you might pull 72t "Substantially Equal Periodic Payments" out of one-or-two of the accounts before reaching retirement age.

  13. Interesting, I’m hoping I won’t be doing this, but good to know

  14. Ideally. Each account has maintenance fees which can slowly eat away at the 401k by combining them you only have one 401k. Most 401ks have similar funds to invest in. The differences are in their fees. I use vanguard because their funds generally have great fee ratios.

  15. Got it, I didn’t even think I’m paying 3 separate fees for each 401k account, but that is painfully obvious now.

  16. So that’s where I struggle… when you say time and patience, does that mean if I have to go to my office most of the week then it’s probably not the right time? Don’t want little buddy to feel neglected /not get the care he needs

  17. I have a 3 year old setter, she’s my personal first dog, it I did grow up with a dog as well.

  18. Hey, OP, I’m late commenting on this post but I wanted to strongly recommend

  19. Great I’ll have to check them out - thanks!!

  20. Hello there! First, congratulations on the upcoming engagement! Second, please make sure to pop into small local family jewelers as they often go to Estate Sales and buy things. I was in to have my rings cleaned and was perusing his cases while I waited. I wound up purchasing an Art Deco piece almost exact to the one in your first shared link. Most of the things in his shop are his custom designs but he keeps that one case just for pieces that struck his interest so he bought them. He also told me many people will bring antique pieces or family heirlooms in to trade bc they are looking for more modern rings. Best of luck finding the perfect one!

  21. Thanks this is great advice! Are you referencing a specific shop here?

  22. Not exactly the same thing, but I've seen this video years ago, and thought it was cool :

  23. This was absolutely fantastic, I enjoyed every minute of it - thank you!

  24. So I’ve seen DSO once before, fantastic musicianship, but I’m curious if I’m the only one that feels this way….

  25. Ours will be 4 in April. I wfh 3-4 days a week. She is “ok” to be home 8 hrs without doing damage or getting in much trouble (occasional TP roll destroyed..). She gets a 45 min walk every morning, so that helps, and she’s usually ready for lots of attention when I get home. Such is the price of having a high-energy IS! It’s def worth it though.

  26. “Ok” to left home alone for 8 hours is the most I can ask for! Great to hear that you’ve had some success doing that. Giving me the confidence to really give it a try.

  27. Yup. Pretty dope deal for pregame. If upstairs seems too packed, venture down the stairs to the basement. Two additional bars and more lounge seating/ table seating w servers down there as well. Phish shows blasting on all the TVs/ speakers throughout. Pretty much a guarantee every patron there before the show is also attending the show, so when the crowd starts thinning out, it's a pretty good sign to go w the flow and follow them to the venue.

  28. In Stout now and no Phish shows, what’s the deal??

  29. To clarify as well, there are multiple locations. You want the one on west 33rd basically right across the street from MSG :)

  30. They are like 3 blocks (if that) from MSG. Just go by before the shows one day

  31. Sex outside. I got cold, mud on my clothes, scraped hands and knees and was too nervous to enjoy it.

  32. I tried this with my partner in the middle of a thunderstorm in our backyard, it was crazy hot.

  33. As a 4.0er, I see these references everywhere but have never known the origin.

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