1. Ironically non of the 'Alien' movies apply to this formula. (Alien, Aliens, Alien resurrection, Prometheus, Alien covenant)

  2. Yeah cus when the cops pull over the driver and they say it's not theirs, the cops will definitely call in forensics to print the bag.

  3. Sekiro is published by Activision rather than Bandai Namco (all the DS games + ER). Activision seems to be a lot more generous with steam sales then BN

  4. If I wanted to play it would thier uplay thing have to be installed?

  5. No doubt all their other games on steam need it why would this one be dif Also fuck Ubisoft.

  6. That's pretty standard for modern jeeps, off-road cosplay

  7. Well cyberpunk was just on sale so I'd wait to buy that. Elden ring much less likely to be on sale soon so if you're paying full price for one I'd pay full price on elden ring. Cyberpunks on sale like every other week

  8. I switched from console to PC and like PC gaming way better. Couple major perks imo don't need a subscription to play games online (as always I'm sure exclusions apply) and your game library lasts longer. How many times have console players had to rebuy a game because the old system version doesn't work anymore. Or like next gen you can't bring your whole library over. PC doesn't have that. Your library is your library and your games are your games. Those things alone made it no comparison imo.

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