1. They could have set up the accounts for electronic billing that doesn't go to your email. If it's postal mail billing it could be sent to a different address.

  2. It can be affected negatively if you apply for new credit but I've never ever had mine affected from simply checking my score.

  3. I'm so grateful that you replied. Thank you so much for your assistance! đź’—

  4. Do you have reason to believe your dentist is going to try and steal your identity?

  5. I don't but it's scary that someone (the dentists and the front desk workers) can easily look at my file and take the number. (or even write the number down)

  6. Maybe because you instantly feel that the person isn’t genuine. So you know you cannot trust ANYTHING they say. That’s much more unsettling than simply knowing that a person doesn’t like you, and doesn’t really hide it.

  7. That's a good perspective to take. When I know a person isn't genuine, it's off putting. (Get out of here with that passive-aggressive behavior people haha.)

  8. I am sometimes unable to grap some people's true selves, but I think you dislike disruption. I mean, you talked about "talking about doing something together" which would involve you and that person being in the same page about the topic in question, but then there's a time gap between that conversation and your reminder that it's crucial to this problem.

  9. THANK YOU, I think you hit the nail on the head. I reflected on what you said: "maybe too good-willed to tolerate dishonest people." That's so true. Sometimes I can be naive where I think everyone will be nice and open about things just because that's what I would do. Then I beat myself up for expecting this. However, it's good now that I can pin point the feeling to better check on myself in the future.

  10. How do I write an effective protest even though it may look like my fault?

  11. You beat me to it! haha I was going to ask people their Top 5 Thai BLs of 2020. Here's my list. This is based on how I feel after watching it the first time. I may go back and watch them again. Who knows, then my opinion and list may change.

  12. What would your #2 be in terms of a Thai BL since OP did ask for top 3 THAI BLs? haha

  13. It looks both original but also has a familiar feel to it which is nice. And I'm happy to see Kao being the more proactive role. Looks good so far. I know it's too early to know much but they showed a good chunk in that trailer!

  14. It isn't that far away BUT I WANT TO WATCH IT NOW haha. Excited for 2021, so many BL shows are releasing.

  15. Thank you for posting about this! I appreciate it. Sorry, I'm no help. It never crossed my mind to check out Line TV (or the app) even though I saw the logo on YouTube videos. (I think it's cause I subconsciously thought it was only available in Asia.) I'm going to check it now especially when I need something new to watch.

  16. What should you do with your life (mainly when it comes to picking a career)? What questions should someone ask themselves? What steps should they take to discover what they want to do?

  17. I have an overpayment too, though it's more due to me having some vacation pay. Did you check your correspondence history on your uplink account? What does the document(s) say? You may have to call the unemployment number (1-800-891-6499) to see if you can appeal the decision. The person I spoke to recommended me to also call 1-800-262-6949 to check more on my overpayment, also the number to call if you need to make arrangements on paying that back. Then I was redirected to call, 317-232-0878 to speak with Judy.

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