1. Lol I just cross the exact same video with a similar title. Retarded minds think a like

  2. I just re-watched the episode with Jace from before Lemonparty where Joey was in a mood and just derailed every topic that came up. It was hilarious.

  3. Gooning is the new Autoerotic Asphyxiation. I can’t wait until I read about Gordon Ramsey dying from gooning on meth.

  4. Has Ben ever mentioned the Pig during the podcast. I usually listen with a belt over my neck so I don’t have enough blood flow to my brain to form long term memories.

  5. Remember every dystopian scifi movie when things went from seemingly normal to the machines taking over, we’ve now crossed into the latter part of the story arc.

  6. He’s the one holding the camera phone with his pants down jacking off to this.

  7. My guess.is he's fucking an intern... Or ChatGPT generated a deepfake of him fucking an I tern.

  8. Devan and Jace carry the entire show. Devan is hilarious and Jace is great as well.

  9. This is the turning point of the movie when we realized that the machines would eventually take over

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