Katie Porter goes after Trump, uncovering potential bribery scheme

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  1. Please let this drag on until November.

  2. Doctor tells me I need to block stories about Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, etc., they drive my blood pressure too high

  3. As a Texas democrat who was disowned for marrying outside my race 26 years ago, and could write a very large wall of text listing shitty experiences - I wish I could block it out too. Or had the means to pull up stakes and move without losing retirement.

  4. I am sorry you faced hate and bigotry in your life. It is truly sad that people must face bigotry in today's America. It is even sadder that a political party is fueling and exploiting that bigotry as a way of stealing power.

  5. At first glance, the buildings and the general landscape scenery makes it look like it could be Japan as well. Somewhere i wouldn't blink an eye seeing some place called potato slut.

  6. Cars are going the wrong way for Japan. Japan is a left traffic country.

  7. How disgusting is it for pro-birth Republicans to limit resources for newborns?

  8. Add advertising to the website and have every penny go to her Democratic opponent. NY 21 went for Trump, but it also went for Obama twice. Let's save democracy - retire Stefanik.

  9. See this is interesting, I'm assuming you're from the UK or somewhere in Europe??

  10. Mission District in San Francisco has 6 of them, they opened several years ago to combat public urination.

  11. We have had them in the US for several years, pre-Covid, my college held one each year. I was a "book" one year.

  12. What a nice question. Thank you for asking. It was more my life story rather than any one thing, son of an immigrant family, who was first generation to graduate college (working my way through college) and to earn graduate degrees. Becoming a Jain, working with dog rescues. People were most interested in Jainism, veganism, and animal rights activism.

  13. Her campaign ads portrayed her as a bipartisan, independent voice for NY and her opponent as a Cuomo clone. Every time I saw the ad, I wanted to scream at my TV. Tendra Cobb can never beat her in the 21st. Democrats need to find more centrist candidate who is willing to portray Stefanik as the Trump sycophant she is, how she has denigrated the military by not speaking out about Putin's blood money.

  14. I’m from upstate, but not the 21st. This guy is running in the 21st and I like the cut of his jib. I’ll be pulling for him.

  15. I live in MA but we are part of the Albany tv market, so we see all the campaign ads for eastern upstate. Haven't seen one for him yet, but he looks good and has already begun to link her to replacement theory. Here is hoping.

  16. Mieszkam w Nowej Anglii, OP pochodzi z Teksasu, nie jest Yankee. /jk

  17. Dlatego powiedziałem żart , ale w Ameryce Yankees są tylko ludzie z Nowej Anglii

  18. As Trevor Noah would say, then don't eats it.

  19. So where are the Biden " I DID THAT " stickers now. It is amazing the traditionally Democrats create spending programs to help average people and unlike tax breaks which are giveaways for the rich, these programs actually reduce the national debt.

  20. I didn't like that ZXT120 Remotec, I thought it was very limited on my Midea based mini-split. It didn't have codes that supported all functions, and the learning mode was obnoxious to perform.

  21. Thanks, there is a component you can add to the mother board that adds wifi control through the Mits server. The app is very buggy or at least it used to me. After searching for a bit of a while, I found a driver someone ported from smart things that works great in hubitat, but is not working so well in Alexa using the hubitat skill. I can issue on and off commands that work, but no controls. When I open the thermostat device in the Alexa app, it gives me a waiting for hubitat message.

  22. Your going to have a lot more success asking this on the Hubitat forums.

  23. Thanks, there are so many circular threads on the Hubitat forums about the Romotec ir controller that I was hoping for someone to have a more scapelled definitive answer. The last thread I waded through was over 10 pages long. I have downloaded and tried the various drivers mentioned and none seem to work. I can get it to work in homeseer, but only by using the skill that passes my voice command directly to homeseer.

  24. Emerson zwave connected via hubitat (I also tried homeseer) Mitsubishi Splits controlled through Romotec and connected via hubitat and Mitsubishi Splits connected Cielo Breeze. I have mostly full control (except fan speed via Romotec) in the apps outside Alexa, but can only set temp via the Alexa skills. All worked last summer. I could create virtual devices to get around this, but I should be able to turn mode on/off via voice directly. If it were just one skill that stopped working, I would blame the skill, but not multiple ones; there has to be a change in Alexa handling and I am looking for a way around it. Thanks.

  25. Try Disconnecting and disabling disabling both skills then relink them both, I have had devices linked threw smartlife and kasa 'quit' working at the same time; especially if I haven't controlled them threw alexa for a while; I am talking smart plugs thou

  26. Great suggestion but it did not fix the issue. If it were either Cielo skill or Hubitat skill acting this way, I would say it was the skill. But both skills act the same in Alexa.

  27. Easy solution - term limits and a new SCOTUS.

  28. Nah, he moonlights as an exotic dancer dressed as a cop and forgot himself.

  29. Merrick Garland sends thoughts and prayers.

  30. Mostly in the berkshires, check the current legality of these:

  31. Same. I couldn't even tell you another thing on their network haha.

  32. I remember when NBC was must see tv. I don't even watch SNL anymore, except for an occassional weekend update clip I catch on youtube.

  33. You want to hear something crazy? Tonight was a Thursday night in the middle of May.

  34. I remember when NBC was synonymous with innovated comedy, even their TNBC programming and Discovery on NBC were unique for their time.

  35. You raise a good question. One unfortunate thing about sitcoms is the main character isn't allowed to evolve over the course of the show. I assume that is what would happen to Al, a slow romantic burn and supporting the other characters as they grow and evolve.

  36. I think what would have happened eventually is the focus would shift to Riley. I think the show was actual quite good, showing the spectrum of emotions from Riley and those around him as he tries to return to civilian life. Veterans are underrepresented in sitcoms today. Mr Art is my favorite character in the series, but I don't he would provide the comic foil needed to be the main focus of the show.

  37. I like the show, but don't know where they can expand on the Al character. They showed his cultural clash within the family, work, school, and now romance. I noticed more focus on Riley and Mr Art lately. Riley's performance is an interesting take on the psychological effects of war. One of the funniest scenes for me was when Freddy and Riley talked in the kitchen and Freddy hinted that he knew what was going on.

  38. Enjoyed seeing Linda Lavin, Ben Vereen, Jayne Seymour, Bernie Koppell, Héctor Elizondo, Anna Maria Horsforth again. Although it had its moments like when Mariam died, the show was clearing lacking a direction. It was a place to see older sitcom stars, though. There is a certain nostalgia in that.

  39. The likes of Manchin and Sinema enters the chat.

  40. We need a greater majority, so the interests of just one senator can no longer tank Biden's agenda. Manchin and Sinema have a good record for approving Biden's judicial picks, I think 100% support , and in these times that it very important. If there were 54 democratic senators, it would be less likely Sinema or Manchin would not be able to stand in the way of reform on taxation, child tax credit, green initiatives, etc.

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