1. 5am to 9pm is 16 hours, and 7am to 7pm is 12 hours, so it should say open 28 hours.

  2. 5am Monday all the way till 9pm Friday is a few more than 16 hours.

  3. In the corner next to the 1 is normally no bomb

  4. If the corner is a bomb, the other one would have to be a 3 here. Corner is a one, the square below is a bomb.

  5. I was reading the flags left as points left, since that's the last setting I had on a minesweeper game.

  6. I know, I posted and tried the 800m distance to test how bad it gets on longer distances.

  7. It's not the hand. You shouldn't be staring at the compass constantly anyway, but even if you were supposed to have eyes locked on it 24/7, which hand it's in wouldn't be the issue.

  8. OP, the only point you've made is that you're an idiot.

  9. The player and DM have to be used to this way of navigating the game. Thanks for the example, any tips on how to teach new players (specially as a green DM)?

  10. A friend of mine has taboo hair that still falls in regulations. The commander has threatened to take his ALC slot away. When he tells them it’s in the regulation they then say it’s a commanders discretion. They can add to but not take away but they’re literally taking away certain parts of the regulation

  11. Who hell complains about hot food? What would cold be better? That's one of the most nonsensical complaints I've ever heard. "I'm sorry should I blow on it for you like you're 3?"

  12. Depends on the food. If I order ice tea and it comes out steaming, or if my ice cream is a bowl of dairy soup, I'd complain. Most things though, that is a hilarious complaint.

  13. Not at all. Making a ready action for actual movement (say if he moves away from me) is different from just saying "if the target does something." One is a lot more specific, and is a) perceivable, and b) in the future, because it hasn't happened yet.

  14. Nah, all turns in a round happen at the same time, so he already moved by the time you readied that. Same argument you used earlier, so that's fair game. Since they do all happen simultaneously, that means that anything you could ready an action for is happening already, so you can't use it until the round after you ready it.

  15. It's a perceivable circumstance. Time is weird in dnd combat, because, by the rules of a system, everything is happening within the time frame of 6 seconds, but initiative decides just a bit of the order in the chaos.

  16. The passage of time is literally a circumstance. An event is just "a thing that happened". The passage of time is a thing that happened. Readied actions also, specifically, happen after the triggering circumstance. If you wait for your target to move, then they are already out of melee range before your readied action happens.

  17. Not to reduce misinterpretations but to prove it actually works that way.

  18. Heat Metal clearly means that I can control the temperature with Rock music, RAW. What do you mean?

  19. One round of sleep is plenty, I've never needed more than that for the times I've used it. As opposed to "ooo let me roll 5d8 and maybe I can put these two goblins to sleep."

  20. That one's easy. Whacks the nearest creature on the head with nonlethal damage. Or, recite 6 seconds of terrible poetry directly in someone's ear.

  21. How hard is it to design a bot that doesn't do the most nonsensical copy/paste job? This one isn't even trying.

  22. 5e spells I always pick that no one else does: Hypnotic Pattern, grease, faerie fire, blindness/deafness, web, etc.

  23. I will always pick Fear over Fireball and Sleep over Chromatic Orb.

  24. This is a "technically possible, but" situation. Yes, it would be physically possible. But it would be insanely frustrating. Sedating the cow and cutting/sawing would probably be quicker and safer. But, you won't find that out until you have wasted at least an hour trying to get that damn thing off.

  25. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches

  26. In this case, probably better to just tread lightly.

  27. But what are the fees for, the ones stated don’t add up so like,what are they for??

  28. Multiply the subtotal by 2, for 2 tickets. 19.08+5.92=25 per tickets, so 50 (for the two together) and then a 4 dollar fee added to the 50.

  29. Those are not at all 5e spells lol I wasn't gonna call you out until you made your disclaimer.

  30. Every single one of those is a 5e spell at the spell level it's first available. Not all of them are that level in earlier editions.

  31. No, they aren't. In 5e, dispel magic, counterspell, and fireball are all 3rd level spells, yet you have them listed as 2nd level spells. This is literally just a simple google search away. Also, aside from spell levels, you can't ever get 7 1st level slots and 5 2nd level slots.

  32. Ah, I fucked up the spell levels. That's fair. You could've explained that for a simple correction instead of just being an ass, though. They are all, in fact 5e spells. Just the levels are wrong.

  33. Paladin, Hexblade, Bladesinger, Arcane Trickster. If I play melee I gotta have some magic.

  34. Have you tried storm bar? Not the strongest option, but guaranteed BA elemental damage or temp hp each round is nice.

  35. If playing with friends, flirting is fine. We've all known each other for years and are really close and comfortable with it. It's just a bit of fun in character.

  36. This. Most of my friend groups are comfortable enough with each other, and are confident enough in our own sexuality and independent commitments, that the jokes are fine. And the role play is understood to be just that. I think I've run into like two instances of something crossing a line, and it's always a newbie trying to push the bounds before they are familiar enough to know how to do it.

  37. Ok the hirny bard trope. I've seen it again and again here, and it must exist in real games.

  38. I put this disclaimer in every game that I DM. My wife plays in most of my games, so you would think it is extra awkward for others to try. It has only ever encouraged players to flirt harder.

  39. Mine was a red vs blue reference, idk why he brought Biden into this

  40. I want you to know... I always hated you. I always hated you the most... dies

  41. You're not pretending everything is a ship anymore. You're not "aboard" the Post, they're walls and doors, not bulkheads and hatches, and no one calls it the "head".

  42. People spelling ridiculous that way is more than mildly infuriating….

  43. I think OP is a kid. Like, an actual child. Critical thinking and pattern recognition might not be fully developed.

  44. Well the other side of the meme is also wrong, since when the DM asks for a check, you just have to make it. He said Arcana, you roll Arcana, tell the total and receive the outcome

  45. Hard to understand here, because the formatting is terrible, but it's the player telling the dm to roll an arcana check.

  46. No, even OP said the meme depicts both DM to player and player to DM. I get that it's hard to understand, because the formatting is terrible.

  47. That's what that comment meant. Ah, ok. I feel like every part of this could've been worded better.

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