Hive mind, me, wood carving, 2022

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  1. Agreed and I don’t know why I do it sometimes! I feel so foolish afterward. Like sometimes I just want people to know that not everyone is delusional/has these weird views.

  2. For anyone wondering...I carved the base from a log of Maple burl. The insects are carved from curly Maple. I used dye for the yellow color, and a torch to create the black. The insect legs/antennae are carved steel. This piece took about 200 hours total. If you're interested in seeing some of the process behind this piece you can find me on socials as acadianmushrooms. Thanks!

  3. Pretty! Mine would look like someone just puked on it. xD

  4. I’m not familiar with acrylic nails, but is it possible two were layered on top of each other and you did dislodge the top one? The second one would still be adhered to your finger.

  5. Not like this, no. You’d totally see it. Look at the photo.

  6. I already had looked at the photo. I obviously don’t know enough about acrylic nails to get why that wouldn’t work in the first place.

  7. Sorry I thought the photo made it clear how those couldn’t be stacked like that. I didn’t mean to imply anything snarky. :)

  8. Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing with your witty zingers

  9. Bandwagoneeers assemble! (It’s Reddit. And Americans on Reddit. Literally no one cares)

  10. Yes I do, losing sleep about it as I type! :o

  11. You know where I can get a large format of this per chance? I’d love to have a print made and hang it in the hallway like some kind of family photo! 😂

  12. I've done a reverse image search and AFAIK this is the largest size available.

  13. I left this exact letter for a neighbor that was doing the same thing. It worked, and this was 6 years ago.

  14. If you're a homeowner, the last thing you want to do is to create a long term conflict with a neighbor. Being diplomatic has its advantages.

  15. By writing them a realllly long letter. xD

  16. However, it was also a baptism when neither of them two are religious AND Sookie stirred that cauldron by asking them both to be Godparents, when she knew darn well there was a mess between them.

  17. So anyway, Arby’s is off the list of ‘you have to try this!’ if I ever bring my family to the US.

  18. You asked, and I mainly think ‘no.’ Jelly is …. and I can’t even imagine how the textures would work together.

  19. Yes every time! It’s top tier shampooing mojo!

  20. Oh look! Insane old white men. What’s new?

  21. Literally thought I was looking at an old timey picture of an otter!

  22. You know, back when these came in foil trays, they weren't all that bad!

  23. Holy shit I hope you have a ring cam or something!

  24. My husband has ADHD and like he cannot handle mixed random shit. I deal with all the tidying and mixed random bullshit. He does cat box, garden, cat food, ironing.

  25. Those bins in the back? They’re for our dog toys 😊 surprisingly useful and durable and $20 on amazon!

  26. I feel like, regardless of whether this is precondition (mental) or something space-time related (quantum), a video would show the thing being said just once.

  27. Precognition. Not precondition. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself!) I reckon it was likely autocorrect things, but still.

  28. I never made fun of ANYTHING so kiss my ass. Show me where I did that? Don’t make inferences that aren’t there, and then seek to try and argue with me about your own made up shit. Go argue with a mirror because that’s the only person with a dog in this race.

  29. Or when talking with the cabin crew, gesture to the hair and ask for a pair of scissors...

  30. You know or anything but just take it like a human doormat, then bitch about it on Reddit.

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