Why PIPEs won't sell off all their LCID shares upon lockup expiration

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  1. What do you mean ticket? I think you got scammed.

  2. I wasn’t scammed. The coin is stuck in MetaMask. I can’t transfer it out. It’s their dumb iOS bug.

  3. I have some BNB in the MetaMask iOS wallet. I’ve been trying to send the coins back out to wallet on another exchange. When I paste, type or scan the QR code into the address field, nothing happens. I can’t press next. Basically, I can only insert the address and that’s that. Meanwhile, crypto is dipping and I can’t do anything about it. It’s been two months 4 emails and nothing from them. I posted on Reddit before. Nothing too. It’s very irresponsible of them. And I think they need to be shut down before more people get their money stuck. They have no business managing anyone’s money if they can’t get basic processes right and address users’ grievances.

  4. Please don’t do that! I did so two months ago. And my BNB are still stuck in MetaMask. I can’t send it out. After pasting the address in, nothing happens. PLEASE DONT!

  5. It’s a bug. But after two months of waiting for them to reply to my email, I’m calling it fraud.

  6. Did anyone figure it out?? I have the same problem!

  7. I have same issue too. They even tried charging $50,0000 in gas fees to transfer from account 1 to account 2. They are nuts.

  8. Yes. And this happens when the market is tanking! I’ve lost the opportunity to profit at least 40%. Thanks, MetaMask Bozos!

  9. Where can I find UOA 1 and 2? I searched but couldn’t find it.

  10. Ah go to my profile posts but I’ll link it tonight

  11. Thanks man! I just subscribed to the service. Though I’m overwhelmed, I’m awed by how much cookie crumbs are left by the smart money!

  12. Are you sending your coins from an exchange to MM? The market is highly volatile right now hence there is a network congestion. Transfers will take time. Binance has suspended BSC withdrawals for the next few hours.

  13. No. I didn’t even manage to send. After I pasted the wallet address, I can’t press any buttons. It’s as if I didn’t paste any address. It’s very annoying…. The market is crashing and my coins are stuck!! Isn’t there a phone number to call? No one is even replying to my emails. C’mon MetaMask!

  14. I wish I could help further! Just a suggestion, you could try exchanging your tokens for stable coins on pancakeswap if that would help.

  15. Not at all. I’m glad you tried to help. Can I send coins out from pancake?

  16. No. Disagree. You’re thinking like a retail. Gotta think like the hedgies. They have access to insider information and are able to pump stocks up or short them. They would take a 40% ROI any day and quickly move the funds to the next ticker to pump like SPRT or DATS. Even if they know LCID is gonna 2x, they’ll still sell for a faster return. With billions are their disposal, opportunity cost is huge is like the theta on an option. They can’t afford to wait.

  17. It’s majority owned by the Saudis. And all null votes are taken as affirmative. This is 100% set. Just a formality from now.

  18. My only problem is it hasn’t dipped since a few weeks ago for me to buy more!

  19. Stop loss raids using level 2 data comes to mind.

  20. Stop loss orders when selling are a way to prevent loss. The addition of limit just prevents you from selling a very low price in case the stock gaps down on open. So in your example if the stock opened at $50, and you just had a stop loss to sell at or below $90 the stock will sell at $50. This is where a limit will help, you can say sell below $90 but limit at $70. In this case the stock won't sell.

  21. Thanks! I’ve always wondered how to enter orders to buy stocks that break out of a range.

  22. The bear case is they do not have a wide offering of coins and alt coins where the action is.

  23. There’s a place for Apple in every portfolio. You cannot only have meme stocks. That’s not good risk management. Apple is like the anchor that holds your ship steady when storm hits it.

  24. Do you think ftoc, fuse, etc did not run that hard because of the red week or because theres becoming an oversaturation of spacs rn?

  25. FTOC is an exception. Only overseas merchants who sell on Amazon or online use Payoneer a lot. This is one I’d sell and buy back after the merger. It’s a long hold.

  26. Although warrants don’t go up as much as the commons, they are cheaper. You can buy more of them to stack your profits vs buying the commons.

  27. I’ll continue to nibble on it every month.

  28. I do. If I miss the announcement and the stock has made a big run up. Warrants usually lag a little.

  29. They do actually. But only for the Korean market.

  30. Their margins for the iPhone will increase soon when they ditch the Qualcomm chips.

  31. Hindenburg is gonna come swooping in like a vulture again.

  32. Don’t worry. The iPhone 12 has been selling well. When they release their earnings next year, it’s gonna move up.

  33. https://www.nrn.com/fast-casual/opes-reports-burgerfi-s-preliminary-q3-revenue-9m-92m

  34. Perfect. Thanks for sharing! Didn’t know Koreans were into SPACs too.

  35. It's very possible your a good candidate for TRT. I calculated your Free-T as 9.13ng/dl.

  36. Jeez. I’ve been holding it for like months. I was about to sell upon the announcement when I saw that the price hardly moved and at one point even dropped. Now it’s $13? Thank god I didn’t act on it.

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