1. I can see it's Shea inspired, it looks so amazing

  2. hahhaa my eyes are inspired by Art Simone and the brows blocking I learned from watching Utica on her IG live!

  3. Hi! Actual person that was on the stream here. Here’s the tea: this person approached Nina asking to be on their janky show, she declined and now she’s upset. Period. Seeing this person try to twist this into ‘harassment’ and ‘transphobia’ for clout is unfortunate. The comment about top surgery wasn’t even from the same stream. The screenshots are out of order, out of context and...if I wasn’t there I would be upset to; so I’m not coming down on anyone for getting mad without the full story.

  4. Who’s “this person” that you’re talking about lol? This has nothing to do with the incident that happened yesterday between the black drag streamer and Nina or the show they were invited to. Im not involved in that, im simply a bystander posting what I see on twitter back here. It just happens Nina is getting exposed as a shitty person in the same week. And also, if you’re on her stream and still try to defend for those things, you’re gross. Someone should be allowed to be upset if they see people talking about them like that. It is very much harassment.

  5. “Respectfully,” I think i make it clear that I know of the situation by saying “black drag streamer.” I wasn’t sure the use of “this person” was pertaining to myself or Bradshaw because this is my post, and it literally has nothing to do with this incident, and that’s why I asked what “this person” that you were talking about was.

  6. I'm sorry, didn't I ask you to point out what Nina did wrong? And you just told me you didn't have to cause I was getting downvoted 😂 What exactly are you calling enabling? Going to another queens stream? Cause at no point dis Nina direct anyone to attack EveElle, or even throw any major shade. And if you had the full chat logs (or even looked at all the screenshots) you'd see some of the Shady commentors being like "Oh damn, I didn't mean any real hate by it" - But hey, Nina exposed someone yo Elle who made shady comments, she's obviously a scheming puppet master who controls all those people from the shadows. I'm so done with this convo though, believe what you want Flat Earth Society, just know in your heart of hearts you only hating cause people you like are doing it. Sheeple 💙

  7. Lol you said i didn’t read the screenshot and didn’t know what I was talking about, but no where in this situation did the name “EveElle” come up. This thread was about LondynBradshaw. You obviously are an insider for her community so there’s no point to this argument “sheeple” ♥️♥️ the irony lol

  8. You're right, I mixed up the names of basic brigading bitches. Elle was the one who decided to keep popping in over this sayimg Nina was ugly, no talent, old, anti-black, etc etc etc. But hey, if a couple of people make shady comments in a chat you and yours totally got a right to do exactly what you're accusing her of 😂 Get your side under control before you come for me

  9. Calling someone out for being toxic is not shady but okay. There’s no side to this. She is complacent and she allows transphobia as well as harassment to exist within her community. I’m not gonna reply to this pointless back and fourth anymore since you’re so deadset that she didn’t do nothing wrong when someone literally said they felt attacked by her community.

  10. I got covid and just got dumped this morning, was gonna get stoned and order some thai food.... i’m really sad now

  11. My friend’s son is on his final days of quarantine with Covid. He is 19 and also has long time issues with shortness of breath and asthma. He felt the same way you did, lost his sense of smell and taste for a day (about the 5th day), and by Day 6 he was completely fine. Hang in there bud and try not to stress too much. You’re going to be ok. ❤️

  12. Thank you for reassuring me 😭 this was def my biggest stressor

  13. Please more posts; you are lovely and look very striking and beautiful XXXX

  14. Omfg I live for this, tho what do you use for the white part under your eye?

  15. holy shit so cute !! where’d ya get the gloves from 👀

  16. This is stunning!!! Hope you ignore the people calling you a copy, they’re closed minded. Love that you know your references & inspirations but still have your own identity

  17. I just think its hypocrytical that i need to reference my inspiration then everyone would have to credit raven, rupaul, any queens they learn from etc all these queens who publicize their technique and became popular. And thank you so much!

  18. I think if you are doing a direct recreation of someone else’s look, it’s the right thing to do.

  19. I see what youre saying and i think thats where people get mixed up. My drag is a reflection of my fantasy, and with the inspiration of matryx and other queens, i recreate what i see fit with my own aesthetic and ability. My drag is not the exact copy of matryx, but is definite a reference to her and thats why i don’t see the reason why i should tag her or even have to mention her every time i post something

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