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  1. Love this and have been sharing it with all my friends with young kids!!

  2. Wax paper is not the same as parchment paper 🔥

  3. How about the milk-logged rice chex after it hardens? It’s like cement!

  4. This comment applies to me exactly, even the bff part! Funny.

  5. Parents of young children, assemble!

  6. All the birders wondering who the fella on the near right is.

  7. I know it's rough, but I'm convinced that people gardening with plants native to their region can make an impact, especially with insects and birds. I've been gardening with natives for almost four years and it amazes me how I've been able to attract dozens of additional species of insects and birds to my property. It can be done in urban areas too. Biologist Doug Tallamy has a story he likes to tell about the many species he found in the middle of NY on the High Line, which is a park created on an old elevated rail line.

  8. Thank you! I just joined those subs. I want to contribute positively to the future. Small stuff adds up to big stuff :)

  9. Hah that’s amazing !! Ya know, I’d consider myself a cheater with my hair. My mom and my aunt both went to cosmetology school and my aunt worked down the street from me in Minneapolis at a super punk rock salon so I’d literally walk down the block to do my hair. My mom was terrified my hair would fall out so I never was allowed to do it myself 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Omg Hair Police?? Seems like a Hair Police ‘do. I love it!!

  11. Omg I can feel that baby’s leg stretch even tho my kids have been out for years lol

  12. I hear ya. Yes, they forget. My parents and in-laws often say, “I’ve forgotten…” how hard it is lol. Our brains prune out the hard shit. Do your thing and what’s best for your family.

  13. You’re my future… my 2yo does the exact same thing!!!

  14. I have been a vegetarian since 1996 and my husband is not. We are not raising our kids veggie — I’m gunna let them make that choice later — but we def don’t have a lot of meat in the house. If hubby wants to make burgers for them, that’s awesome. Otherwise, it’s a veggie option (since I know how to do those fairly well). The kid also eat meat at school, daycare, etc.

  15. Full time childcare is hard. It's all good and fun now but in 6 months she's going to be burned out and making excuses for why she can't do it anymore and you will be screwed. I would ask her to be your backup sitter and do daycare full time for sure.

  16. My first thought was, “Are you in America?” lol sob.

  17. Don’t go. Release yourself of the guilt. Start documenting her comments about having an employee with a kid (those are super inappropriate comments btw). Participate in the summit as best you can.

  18. Flu over here. Flight cancelled. Sending lots of healing energy!

  19. I have a ton of sack spiders around my house. Love them ☺️ They really like the kitchen (possibly because of fruit flies or anything that might fly in. I also get them where the wall meets my alcove ceiling.

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