1. 29 weeks here and I’m SO angry at everything. I am not an angry person! I think my hormones are just a mosh pit right now.

  2. I use the “Count the Kicks” app and just set a reminder for myself to do it once a night. Doesn’t take long and gives me peace of mind.

  3. Y’all when she was looking at the ear at the end I was like GIRL DONT DO IT and then she FUCKIN DID IT

  4. I’m currently heavily pregnant and it made me gag really hard. Was not expecting that hahaha

  5. I have insane vivid dreams every night AND every nap. I didn’t even think it was possible!

  6. No ... but my pubes are growing like weeds suddenly. Close in proximity?

  7. Same but with belly hair, and also getting insane ingrown pubes.

  8. Yes. Just curious for others who are saying yes too, are you having a boy? I am.

  9. Since 2006 when I was 13! 💜 I’ve truly grown up with Taylor.

  10. Garage doors are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in your house and the springs are sprung so tightly that a malfunctioning door can rip off it's hinges and act like a shotgun shooting barbed wire. Most average garage doors are designed to have 9k to 12k opens before they need to be worked on by a trained professional.

  11. I was in my kitchen when our garage door spring broke out of nowhere. It sounded like an explosion in my garage!

  12. "I don't remember that, that never happened!" when a kid brings up a past trauma.

  13. “Well if it did happen I can’t do anything about it now.” You could apologize.

  14. I’ll be wearing one because I’ll have a one month old at home I need to protect!

  15. I want a very specific deli sandwich from my favorite bakery - to the point I’ve been dreaming about it! Haha I know some people eat deli meat during pregnancy, but I am extremely unlucky and it would be me who gets sick.

  16. Anyone else planning on wearing a mask to their tour date? I still wear mine in public everywhere since I have little kids. Feeling a little self conscious about it even though my date isn’t until June.

  17. I’ll be wearing mine! My baby will only be a month old so I’m trying to make sure I don’t bring anything home.

  18. My baby will be a month old when I go to the tour so I got him an “Itty Bitty Swiftie” onesie so we can take photos at the gates and say it’s his first concert hahah.

  19. I was 27w last week during my 30th birthday. I ate some cake and took a nap lol

  20. Slipped disk in back that caused sciatica. It wasn’t just uncomfortable. I could legit barely function.

  21. I slipped two discs at the same time. I was screaming so loud I didn’t even realize the screams were coming from me.

  22. I’m in my thirties and have been married for ten years and everyone still asks. 🙄

  23. I had a dream Pedro Pascal and I were married and running a restaurant together

  24. If you love it, go for it! Even if there is another Victoria at school chances are she won’t care. I was the only person at school with my name and it didn’t make a difference for me at all!

  25. Im just having my husband! I am not that close with anyone else in my life.

  26. I know someone who was having a minor abdominal surgery and the doctor noted that the appendix looked funny. Turned out to be cancer of the appendix. Who the hell has ever heard of appendix cancer???

  27. This happened to me! Went in for a hernia fix, woke up with a whole lot of questions.

  28. Some people just prefer to be cautious. I don’t think sharing about what we’re excited to eat is a bad question at all.

  29. A deli sandwich 🤤 I’m not willing to risk it right now so I’m just letting it be exciting!

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