1. Does this room come with lotion that needs to be put in the basket? Is there a hose connection?

  2. My hound would chatter her teeth like at the end once in a while. You have a beautiful greyhound with an elegant snoot.

  3. My greyhound would only roo in her sleep. I guess she was have an interesting dream.

  4. 82°West Distilling & Florida CANE Distillery are two spots in Tampa that I have personally tried/toured and they are both great.

  5. Man if the entire world goes into a war and get conscripted, being a tanker is the last thing on my list I will apply.

  6. My Great-Grandfather was drafted into the British Army during WWI. Instead of being sent to the front, he made eclairs and pastries for generals. Being a baker probably saved his life.

  7. My grandfather was an engineer officer with the US in WWII. He would go around and look for vehicles and equipment that could be salvaged or used for parts in Europe from D-Day until the end of the war.

  8. This! I’m based in arizona, got my last dog before the tracks closed. By the time I had to put her down, there were no hounds available in the state. I got my new girl six weeks ago and she was part of 24 hounds that were recently shipped into the western US from Ireland. Local Irish orgs are partnering with the US since they see the demand and cannot rehome all Irish racers domestically. DM if you have any questions, OP!

  9. So sorry. This is why I refuse to have a dog until I have the savings to feel confident that in a situation like this, I wouldn’t have to let the poor thing die simply because I couldn’t afford to care for them. The guilt would eat me alive if I couldn’t get my dog a procedure, surgery etc. because I didn’t have enough money.

  10. In a case like this money can’t solve the problem or cure the disease. It might, might, be able to buy a little more time.

  11. I can’t say much to alleviate your pain and feeling of guilt. One day you will know this was best decision. It would have been rough on the hound and on you and your family. You made a difficult decision and chose the best of all around painful choices.

  12. That looks like something the Shah would hand out as a party favor circa 1978. Really cool by the way!

  13. I checked out your other hounds. You are lucky to be around so many greyhounds. Those snoots are getting more and more rare here in the South Eastern United States.

  14. I am so sorry. I lost mine to leukemia in Feb. I decided not to let things continue. I would have fought on and on until my wife said “this is a fight you can never ever win.” I could exercise every option and it would always be the same outcome.

  15. Thanks my dad was flying to Florida for work today and wanted to know where this was

  16. We were just told by a rescue (in the US) that they wouldn't let us adopt an Irish racer because the Irish hounds have a higher prey drive. We're expecting a child, and he said he wouldn't trust these dogs around a baby. He said it's because they use live lures in Ireland.

  17. Thanks for getting back to me. I have not heard that one, but will look into it. Congrats on new baby!

  18. He did! He had a pretty fluffy Winter coat, these are a couple of pics from when we first got him. You can see the fluffy brown patches on his back/sides in the first photo and then it’s pretty much all gone in the second photo from 2 months later. (don’t mind his poor nose in the 1st pic, he rubbed all the fur off on his travel crate during the flight over Lol)

  19. He is a cutie ... mine looks similar from the pictures I have seen. Black with white socks! Thanks for sharing and for the info.

  20. They sent out like a free trial card, I looked around, bought some stuff, seems about like Costco, seems okay overall, and when I wanted to know what the full membership was like, they pulled that shit, so I checked out.

  21. >No range tours until you buy a membership.

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