AITA for pointing out my sister’s privilege?

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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AITA for not acting impressed by my wife's " accomplishment?"

To pay respects.

*Lowers face into palm*

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. I wonder about the statistics of kids phasing out of being Trans. It would affect my opinion on allowing teenagers to use hormone altering drugs.

  2. why the downboats? ill find a source myself and post it here then. we have really ramped up the amounts of launches. and planes and rockets run on similar fuel unless i am mistaken. the size of a rocket fuel tank must be much much larger than a plane, im guessing that what the NameUnavail refrenced is either wrong or out of date.

  3. 180 rockets launched in 2022, each rocket uses 4.5 million gallons of fuel

  4. I have the AAs phone number for schools I sub at. I've had a school go on lockdown, I call the aa for clarity when that happens.

  5. The way the Korean War "ended" - an "armed truce" with no genuine peace treaty. Russia will retain Crimea but may have to give up Donbass or at least parts of it. Then Ukraine will ultimately join the EU (although perhaps not NATO). Ukraine will be rebuilt with Western aid and will become a regional powerhouse much like South Korea has and Russia will slowly decline in favor of China. Although nobody will really "win", Ukraine will ultimately emerge in a better state than Russia but will have to live with an unfriendly neighbor, much like South Korea does.

  6. I do feel this war seems to be creating a sense of unity of the Ukrainian people.

  7. Not really. I feel it is important to ask how they reached that point. If it was by helping others then they are good people in my book. If it was by stealing it they are bad.

  8. Can't guarantee no arrests, but so long as you aren't advocating violence it will be an open and shut free speech case.

  9. I spent 6 mo ths living in and meeting citizens of Afghanistan. A few years ago, my wife read about a family there that sold th÷ir child into slavery. She asked how someone could do that. I told her it was extreme poverty and feeling this was the kids best chance.

  10. As someone who has severe social anxiety I can tell you how to get over it. Practice. You don't get social skills automatically. They have to be learned.

  11. Forcing myself to speak with a stranger every day helped me.

  12. I can demonstrate the theory of gravity, i'll drop something. based on the mass of the earth, we can do similar experiments on the moon where others have dropped things.

  13. "I'm autistic"....UGH. So tired of people wearing autism like a designer label for attention. You're a sub, go work some autism rooms and reconsider your self-diagnosis. Though, I'll admit, that label has more sympathetic ring to it than "insufferable pontificating narcissist".

  14. I assume it's code for "I don't pick up on social cues very well, and have issues knowing when someone is being sarcastic."

  15. I can argue you should get vaccinated, but need to let you .are your own bad decisions

  16. Yta. Your wife wants you to be proud of her. You could have said, "I'm not surprised, I've seen how much you've been studying. I would have been shocked if you hadn't passed. You worked so hard." Then give her a hug and celebrate her win.

  17. I've been blacklisted by one achool. I had a tough week with car troubles and got to work 5 mi uses late twice in a week. They had hr contact me. I haven't been back to that school

  18. 19, divorced at 20. Remarried at 36, this is the one

  19. There is no viewpoint so stupid I don't believe someone holds it.

  20. Fun fact in athabaskan, Denali means the great one, or more casually, the big mountain. There are a few Denali in alaska. I was asked what a tall mountains name was before we called it pioneer peak, I told the person Denali, but that's confusing so let's keep calling it pioneer peak

  21. This delta has been rejected. The length of your comment suggests that you haven't properly explained how

  22. His comment was a succinct description of the logical fallacy that op had. Bad bot.

  23. He seems like a career beaurocrat continuing to beaurocrat.

  24. I subbed for a home ec teacher who needed a hand on a rather intense day. I got to eat a lot of treats that day.

  25. In the military I could always ask a superior to review the penalties my boss gave me. I knew someone who tried it. He asked my supervisor to bring it to the platoon commander. The platoon commander asked about what happened, then gave the same punishment my squad leader gave plus an additional duty he needed to assign to someone. Moral was if we were genuinely worried about our squad leader abusing his power we could do something, but if we were hoping for leniency we wouldn't get it.

  26. Would I have the same flexible hours I have now? If so, then yes.

  27. Nta, but if you feel bad about taking resources, write your aunt an iou. You are 18 right now and broke. This is part of being young. Offer your aunt the iou, she won't accept money most likely. But the promise that when you do great on your exams and go to school and become a doctor, you'll take her on a trip to celebrate would be appreciated.

  28. When I was in college I cared about how to solve this sort of thing. Now I use wolfram alpha. It's free and someone did it in a link here. Now I want a baking tip. Some great baking lifehack you know

  29. Imagine an insect hive. Effectively I'd form a hive with myself as the center. Maybe we would help the world, probably we'd try to take it over

  30. Honestly if not for the fact both my wife and I get jealous to easily, I admire polyamorous groups.

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