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  1. Idk about track time but some high performance pads from my understanding will eat rotors during normal street use

  2. Yeah, some pads need heat to maintain the transfer of pad material to the rotor. If they are cold they just grind down the metal of the rotor instead of transferring. Street pads still maintain a transfer layer at lower temps. Generally your brakes stay pretty cold on the street so high temp track pads won’t be very good, I’m sure there are some exceptions though.

  3. Got it. I only get some squeal on slow braking which I read is normal for these pads. The pedal felt strong now and during the track event.

  4. Yep, I get that on my sti with light braking. Brake a little harder and it goes away.

  5. Ok, could be wrong but I think the preferred spark plugs for that are the NGK copper plugs, not iridium. It’ll run on either but I’d just use the oem spec if you’re stock.

  6. Honestly I replaced the stock plugs with NGK platinum plugs, just because I’ve ran NGK in my previous cars and dirt bikes 😂

  7. Yeah, it’ll run fine on those. Might get a little better performance from the right heat range and such but it shouldn’t hurt anything.

  8. Assuming they are stainless tips you probably want fine scotch brite or similar. Sometimes you can get rust on stainless from transferring the steel wool onto the surface. Not the end of the world if that’s all you have though.

  9. My Porsche 981 gets its tip steel wool cleaned every wash and never had a rust issue. Same with other stainless tips.

  10. https://www.amazon.com/24Value-Electrolytic-Capacitor-Assortment-22uF-4700uF/dp/B07PJW24LH/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=24SWJ69HHMNNO&keywords=2200u+capacitor+6.3+volt&qid=1654796240&sprefix=2200u+capacitor+6.3+volt%2Caps%2C46&sr=8-3

  11. These cheap capacitors do generally work but are almost always low quality. Higher ESR and shorter lifespan.

  12. Since you haven’t had much luck here you should knock on doors in your neighborhood, and honestly if you can’t find the owner in a block radius I think it’s fair to call animal control to come pick it up. I get it - people love their cats to be “free range.” That’s great and all, until your unwitting neighbors have to deal with cat shit. Or a cat they don’t want. This response would be the most fair imho

  13. It would be most fair as long as the pickup is from a no-kill place. The cat is just being a happy cat, no reason to kill [him/her/them/whatever].

  14. Thanks for that. But it does not seem to be this. Could it come from not installing the oem air filter correctly? When I bought it, it seemed to have an accessport. The last owner might have thrown an intake with it?

  15. Ok, I’m not very familiar with the VA WRX’s.

  16. You said you’re pro tuned, why don’t you just ask your tuner? If the hw checks out then the fw might be to blame.

  17. Doesn’t the ‘18 sti have the RA block? Way better reliability assuming you take care of it. Also, rattles are easily fixed with exhaust :P

  18. Ok, wasn’t sure. Have a 17 so I know for sure that I don’t have the updated version. Fingers crossed it holds together till I can build it.

  19. I think the idea here is that, even though rules were followed, if cops are paid that much, they can take more risk than what they are currently taking. Change the rules from

  20. Maybe the ones who would quit shouldn’t have been cops in the first place.

  21. This is a fuel delivery issue. First look for vacuum leaks. I would also guess your ISCV is not working properly. Also clean your throttle body.

  22. Compression readings are highly variable, consistency between cylinders is the thing to look at. Unless leakdown is also done you can’t just say it’s low all across the board or that you have a ring issue.

  23. Yeah, it still does it once it hits 190 though

  24. If it’s anything like ej ecus then it can relearn the idle. You can reset the learning and let it try to learn from scratch(batt disconnect). Start it afterwards and do not touch the gas pedal for a few minutes, it will be rough but should figure itself out, restart it if it dies on the first try but it shouldn’t. Assuming no other problems here (sorry if I missed something)

  25. Are you up to date on maintenance? Like the plugs aren’t shot and had fresh oil, etc?

  26. STi here so a bit different but it likes to cruise around 3k rpm, right at the edge of the power band on a turbo EJ.

  27. That’s definitely messed up assuming you are on flat roads like the interstate. I can basically let go of the wheel at 70mph without it drifting. No pulling under acceleration either assuming I’m maintaining traction. (17 sti)

  28. What about purely synchro replacement? Is this something that someone who only really changes their own oil & brakes can do? I’m certainly no mechanic, so it’s more than a little intimidating.

  29. Does the redline shockproof cocktail help on these transmissions?

  30. Thanks, that's what I thought but the guy selling the AP is telling me otherwise. I think he just wants me to buy his EBCS too

  31. It’s a Cobb product(access port and intake) so refer to the Cobb documentation. They have map notes that tells you all about what you’ll need to run their parts. Please don’t listen to a random guy selling you stuff.

  32. The STI is a rally car, lol- it's not "able" to make it, it's built for it more than just about any other car :P

  33. The drivetrain is up to the task for the most part but the stock suspension is definitely not tolerant of rally style use. Also not much for under body protection so just be careful while having fun.

  34. It does make for a decent tarmac setup though and you still benefit from the awd if you are getting loose in corners, can get back on the throttle a lot sooner(or just never lift 😁) Maybe not a rally car but definitely a ton of fun in lots of places that a rwd sports car wouldn’t be very happy. Seeing how much money goes into building a proper rally car it makes sense why you can’t buy one that’s ready to go on a stage for 40k.

  35. It would also fucking demolish the lens real quick

  36. Scopes are a thing so the lens will be fine

  37. I assume you have an fa20 wrx? Entirely normal.

  38. Goals. But my father blew an 89 mustang twice that I had a few years ago. I still have trust issues lol.

  39. How does one even blow up a mustang? Thought they’d be pretty resilient

  40. Unless you are running different maps for fuel type there shouldn't be a difference. If you drive it hard and get knock then it will detune itself if it is bad enough but generally it should be ok and you aren't missing out on much.

  41. It is usually Kynar insulated wire intended for wire wrap construction. Kinda expensive for a big roll but you can usually find smaller lengths.

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