1. Don't delete what you've got in the third pic but also write a CREATE TABLE statement that has the same column headers as the source Excel file, in the same order, and with your best guesses at their datatypes (feel free to look it up if you're not sure). If you don't feel up to writing the statement from scratch (I did not until recently, after 5+ years with low-level SQL), I believe PGadmin has a wizard that can help you create tables, columns and their associated datatypes and can even import a table from an excel sheet. It looks like the table you've defined in the third pic might involve some calculations based on the imported data. If that's the case, you'll probably need to write the SQL for those calculations yourself. But hopefully you get your data imported with no issues.

  2. Honestly could not be more excited for this. Grant is serving drinks and Lily is serving LEWKS. And just a couple weeks away! Xmas came early!

  3. Anyone know how the curing solution is prepared? I'm not strongly anti-nitrates but that's what makes corned beef pinkish and wonder if that's being used here.

  4. i also wonder if cartoons lack the micro movements or mannerism that would be unique to an individual, so it regularizes and simplifies the emotion down to its foundational attributes.

  5. Do you think it's more to do with the visual representation of the characters as cartoons vs live-action or the content of the stories? Kids tend to react to big, broad emotions and straightforward stories, even if they're nonsense. I can't count how many animated movies I watched as a kid that just have gaping, conspicuous plot holes. Who cares? It's a cartoon, no rules! Whereas if there's a real person, those are different stakes.

  6. Partly terrifying because, however you think you're supposed to fight them, you're probably wrong.

  7. I think it's just online, and probably young, bandwagon fans. I can't say personally, but I've heard good things about Chiefs fans IRL. I mean they went through a lot of suffering before Mahomes so the OGs are probably grateful and have some more perspective.

  8. There might be some of those but dang, there were a lot of boos coming from that stadium in the first half. I truly believe it's not something the Titans' stadium would do if the situation were reversed (i.e, we are heavily favored and also our QB had been on the cover of Madden). Is that because we have zero confidence in the team's ability to carry off a victory, regardless of the scoring situation? Absolutely! But at the same time, the fact that it seems like the chiefs fans thought they were owed this one and started mewling about it before the first half was even over fairly reeks of entitlement. Bless their hearts.

  9. Can anyone clarify the timing on this for me? The incident took place in 2017. Did she bail out the same weekend and has just been living her life, albeit with the legal issues, since then? Cuz GOT DAMM that's why cash bail needs to be abolished/subverted.

  10. I consider it one of the highest forms of respect to get an official jersey of a player. Large Jeffery is a strong contender for me as of this year.

  11. Maaaaan, not enough to have one of the greatest QBs of the modern era, a team that's consistent contenders in the playoffs AND, the premiere GIF-memer of the AFC and probably the whole NFL in

  12. 72 years and number 2 is 3 games behind you? Pretty niche stat but it's kinda like a super-charged triple double. Seems like the kinda record that might not be broken in my lifetime.

  13. This team + a solid passing offense = consistent AFC contenders and SB looks. Granted, a better passing game will expose weakness in our secondary but adding a pass offense would create so many opportunities. Henry was walking through the Texans D today but we need to have additional options.

  14. I can’t help but read amendment 3 as clarification that prison labor is not slavery. What’s the official line on this?

  15. As I've read it, the clarification is that prisoners cannot be forced into unpaid labor as allowed by the 13th amendment of the Constitution which allows slavery as punishment for a crime. Prisoners are frequently used for labor (cheap, like, sub-minimum wage labor which should be on a ballot imo) so this essentially enforces that they must be paid for that labor. An overall good, IMO! But I do think this probably winds up getting CoreCivic more money somehow and...that's too bad. Guess that's why they call it a compromise, tho.

  16. As a warlock main, I feel like warlock fashion is just complete ass and basically has been for all of D2. It’s almost entirely down to the fact that the chest is such an outsized piece. The bond has always been subtle compared to the hunter cloak, I’m fine w/that. But the legs are always hidden under these Matrix-ass trench coats. Hunters and titans at least have the option to change their silhouette but I’m just stuck as a billowy boy. Let me see my ass!

  17. It wasn't enough, but it was never going to be enough. I've adored this season top to bottom. Literally not a stitch out of place. And if the pacing felt a bit off and rushed it's likely because 1) it was rushed IRL due to circumstances beyond their control and 2) they had a bunch of magic success tokens they could throw away to advance the story that ppl were actually interested in but they did it all at the last minute. Would have absolutely watched another 30 episodes. Definitely my favorite non-Intrepid-Heroes season and gives one or two of them a run for its money.

  18. To add to the good feedback you've already gotten, if all you need is account_id and Output_average, you can simply:

  19. Looks like you were getting some good feedback further down so I'll just add that whenever you're happy with your final result, definitely post it over at

  20. Ebikes should be allowed on greenways and restricted from bike lanes and any street with a speed limit over 30mph. The problem with ebikes is they're too fast for bike lanes which are too narrow to pass in and too slow (and dangerous for the rider) to be in car lanes. Ironically, greenways are kind of an ideal venue for ebikes.

  21. Week 1, Trap team, Boger as ref. Expectations for this one are very low

  22. Week 1 and Boger I understand. What do you mean by "trap team"?

  23. That means you don't take your opponent as seriously as you should, often because you are already thinking about the "real" challenge coming up next. Meanwhile, your opponent is laser focused on taking you down. You think you're safe, but it's a trap.

  24. Thank you but also UGGHHH this feels like so much of the Titans' output. Underperforming against inferior teams and overperforming superior teams at miraculous times. I guess If you don't like that, you don't like Titans football.

  25. This is at or near the point at which the RG team figured out how to make the mechanics really sing in terms of their gunpla design. Earlier kits in the RG line have...issues. TG is as small or smaller than most RG kits with a ton of interconnected articulation. Great job on the panel lining as well!

  26. As I think a lot of the comments have already pointed out, there are a lot of positives. One thing I haven't seen mentioned: as opposed to a tablet or a phone with the kindle app installed, an e-reader only does one thing and it does it so well you're never distracted.

  27. You haven't given enough information to solve the problem. Based on the output, you could simply write:

  28. Your join is written correctly but the field you're joining on in the Player table has a NULL value for Level_ID meaning your select statement returns no rows since the values of Player.Level_ID and Level.Level_id are not the same. Not sure what you mean by "fix" since you don't mention your desired output but updating Player.Level_ID to equal 1 would result in your query returning the value '50'.

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