1. Second post this week about deadheads in Thailand....looks sweet! what was the draw for you? Lots of Americans/deadheads? How's the cannabis scene?

  2. You can easily find rooms downtown under $200 if you’re booking in advance and there’s not a major event happening.

  3. They didn’t mention being on a budget or say the game was on a Saturday. $300 for a hotel in a downtown in a major city isn’t a big deal to many people. Sure, they could get a cheap room in Canton and spend tons of time driving and parking and paying for parking but that’s not what they asked for.

  4. Ah ok I misread this as a weekend trip my bad

  5. Not really. There’s two sides to every story and Harbaugh ain’t going to risk his job covering up something like this. My guess is everyone knows the facts and they were prepared for the indictment and now are going to address it now that he’s been indicted.

  6. While calling for the book to be thrown at msu

  7. If all he did was have a gun that wasn’t stolen then he literally did nothing wrong, regardless of what the state says

  8. So why is the county prosecutor's proceeding with felony charge then. Why not drop if he literally did nothing wrong.

  9. Yall beat OSU for the 3rd time in 18 years. By all means, go on with the tormenting, this is your moment. lol.

  10. I saw someone updated Ryan Day's birthplace on Wikipedia to third base.

  11. The police require not even an associates degree. Those who assume were hiring our best and brightest to write tickets for the state may just be the only folks who lick boots better.

  12. Depends on the jurisdiction, many require a bachelor's degree actually

  13. I'm all for ripping on Texas but this is just them following epa procedure correctly. Mechanical fails happen anywhere, anytime a watersystem is depresurrized a boil water advisory is put in place until bacterial tests are taken and come back clean and has nothing to do with what's in the water itself.

  14. Yeah all the folks claiming they haven't had a boil water in 50 years just screams to me their municipality isn't public noticing.

  15. People are partial, responsibly collected data is not.

  16. As the saying goes: there's lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  17. And don't you even think about getting your grubby ass supervisor hands on it, or making up some new rule to make them split it, that is theirs motherfucker leave it alone.

  18. Personally I love a lease, it's paying extra for the convenience of not having to service it or sell it

  19. I'm a white woman who would walk this route alone if that tells you anything. There s absolutely nothing wrong with Cass Ave anymore so please ignore those telling you to avoid it.

  20. Cass avenue right there is still pretty messed up, there's that free clinic (?) where homeless people are always hanging out /sleeping out there it's sketchy there's needles and shit. I don't think the right answer is, everything's fine ignore all of them. Most others are saying take Woodward and I agree

  21. You probably need to lighten your grip. Have you had any technique instruction? You should be pinching it lightly and speed comes from fulcrum not hand or wrist action.

  22. Nope, US standards are among the highest in western world, far superior to China and India

  23. How many positive news stories get published about interactions with police. When the job is done right it isn't newsworthy so we are only ever exposed to stories about bad cops fucking up.

  24. Positive pro-police stories are published all the time, about them helping a needy family or rescuing a kid. Local news lives for it.

  25. Not mine, big city here it's all crime reporting. and certainly not on reddit

  26. Not sure what you’re saying here… I don’t support a train either. And if you’re saying that transit riders are subsidized and that’s bad… then just drive on the road, you’re subsidized too (far more that transit riders). I don’t think we should build transit in Metro Detroit to impact real estate.

  27. I think American Beauty and Workingmans were poorly produced, among other records. The band admits they were bad in studio, their albums being overproduced, and their art generally not translating well to the record.

  28. These people were all identified and talked-to by police at the scene, and were let go. My guess is the guys are ex-military and/or off-duty cops. The only reason one of them has been arrested is because this went viral on Tik-Tok

  29. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LASD_deputy_gangs

  30. The commenter was talking about the LAPD this is the county sheriff. Still, this is messed up and hard to believe.

  31. Lmao is this Mark Fuhrman’s Reddit account? Who else could be so coy about a notoriously corrupt and dog shit police department

  32. I just find it funny that LA residents assault each other and blame the police for not preventing it.

  33. Gran Torino And I say Beverly Hills Cop counts too.

  34. It’s Colorado Springs and less people care as soon as they see the victims were gay. KOAA, knows it’s audience.

  35. Colorado Springs is fucking weird. Creepy vibes in there. Never liked it.

  36. Simply put she has ten times more fans than dead and co or phish or whatever GD Ticketmaster commodity people are buying these days

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