1. Yes. They’re called Solo 401k’s and can be quite a good vehicle to save since you can contribute beyond the individual limits as the “employer” of yourself.

  2. I believe what you're after can be gleaned from Reports-->Spending-->Itemized Payees. Then, pick your period (YTD, last 12 months, etc). Expand All.

  3. Had the same issue, I found this post while googling for a solution.

  4. This was very helpful..problem still exists and this solution worked well. Thanks!

  5. Search this forum. There are numerous posts on this issue and how to solve it. ATT’s trade in program is largely a scam. But if you have the shipping info and are willing to complain to the right folks (FCC) it’ll get resolved eventually.

  6. To be fair, the trade-in dramas happen to almost every carriers (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Google Fi) and a lot of manufacturers (Google, Samsung, etc.) since they are all outsourced to a third-party vendors. Apple, Best Buy, and Amazon might be better. When it's possible, finishing the trade-in at a physical corporate stores can help. If you have to mail the trade-in, take a lot of pics and/or video when you pack and drop the package. Keep the receipt.

  7. I take your point. Though I can say prior to ATT, I traded probably 4 devices with VZ and never had to even call to follow up—credits just happened as they were supposed to. But, I could’ve just been lucky.

  8. The AT&T trade in process via mail/UPS/Fedex is a total sh*t show. I find it hard to believe a company could be this incompetent. Either (a) they have massive amounts of phones being stolen by employees at the receiving location, or (b) it’s a systemic sham to try to avoid paying large trade-in values. Either way, it’s so common that it’s criminal. I’d love to see someone in the media really dig in to understand what is happening.

  9. You made a wise choice with fiber. Fiber beats coax every day no exceptions.

  10. This makes me wonder what happens within an index funds if a company files for a chapter 7(I think) bankruptcy. Do the funds from the sale of the company's assets purchase other stocks or is it paid out as a dividend?

  11. Ummm…if there’s a bankruptcy, common shareholders get zero in every case imaginable. Lenders fight for pennies on the dollar.

  12. Do index funds only hold common shares? I legitimately know nothing about this aspect. I just put money in to index funds and wait until I can retire.

  13. I’m sure there’s some weird exceptions that smarter folks than I will weigh in with, but generally speaking—yes. Equity holders are the last in line in any bankruptcy situation—-behind the plumber who sent an invoice for unclogging a toilet that hasn’t been paid.


  15. Yep. Lesson learned. However, that should not be a requirement. If a company gives a path to trade in via shipment, they should make good on the offer. But, I hear you…I’ll never do it again.

  16. Are there plans to make bring E*trade and Morgan Stanley closer together (eg Amex benefits,etc) or are they segmenting the two into distinct products?

  17. Yes there are. Since the acquisition it’s been more of a big brother/little brother situation which has been…different to say the least. As far as I know, there was always a plan to bring Etrade and Morgan Stanley into one massive product for the customer and investor. As you can imagine taking 2 firms of that size and bringing them together cohesively is not an easy task. As far as time frame, I’d be absolutely stunned if it was anytime before Q3 2023

  18. Volta electric did ours, my husband was very happy with them and the price was the best he found (sorry, not sure what it was off the top of my head).

  19. I second the support of Volta. I think I paid around $1200 but had to be ran approx 30 feet from panel and that price was pre-inflation-o-Rama.

  20. Do you have certain types of numbers blocked or routed to voicemail in the AT&T Active Armor app?

  21. Seeing this type antenna go up in multiple locations around my neighborhood. Is it ATT, VZ or Tmo? There’s no identification on the pole.

  22. Any tips on how you managed to pull that off? I’ve never heard anyone getting anywhere near that level.

  23. If getting an automated email about your bill annoys you to the point of posting about it, perhaps you need more to do.

  24. It’s very likely just a preauthorization hold the station placed on your card. I’d give it several days to actually settle out. I’d be willing to bet it will disappear and resolve itself.

  25. The new plan offers LTEiRA roaming. You should check Verizon’s coverage map to check info it’s considered extended coverage.

  26. @Starfox-sf’s comment is correct. However, Bluegrass Cellular doesn’t really cover the area of SEKy that I believe you are referring to. I’m pretty familiar with the Harlan, Bell County areas. Can speak for those specifically. Verizon ‘allegedly’ has native coverage in those counties and therefore does not roam onto Appalachian Wireless (their LTEiRA partner in that area).

  27. I believe this is what you’re noticing. The article is from Hiya, but I’ve noticed the same from AT&T add-on

  28. I guess, at the most basic level my logic was that I can produce ~$8k/yr (declining over time) in interest income from the CDs that exceeds what I'm actually paying on the mortgage (net of the tax savings)

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