1. Oddly, a reel that I've been searching for over the last 3 years arrived today. Found a copy in New Zealand. Took weeks to arrive and navigate customs. And of all days, it arrives today. RIP Christine McVie

  2. Google alerted me that my password was "found in a data breach" for sicknewworld.frontgatetickets.com

  3. Got me wondering what the career path of a 16-year PFC might look like that didn't somehow involve Leavenworth.

  4. Tim ripper Owens albums are really good they just aren’t what Priest are but if they were from any other band I think they would be more successful

  5. This is a Halford album. But I've always thought it was the weakest of the albums from the first Halford era.

  6. Are tool fans obsessed with Taylor swift or something? I feel like it's nothing but posts about her lately.

  7. Not at all. It was really to start the conversation around moments people would like to have experienced in Tool's history with a topical ticket price as a barometer for the value proposition.

  8. It’s sad, and I hope no one purchases tickets for that amount. Doing so only emboldens the resellers.

  9. Yeah, asking price and actual purchase are two different things. The Swifties are mad though and calling for the breakup of Ticketmaster. Short of Elon buying it, they may be our best hope to break the TM/Stubhub model.

  10. Congratulations! Redditraffler drew your comment out of 1400+ comments. I've messaged you for details.

  11. Many weeks invested in the restoration of this 1976 Pioneer RT-2044 to have a deck capable and worthy of playing this

  12. First time I heard something of his other than "Grazing in the Grass." What a treat!

  13. Glad you enjoyed it. Not that you couldn't pull it up online but here is the entire piece on the reel.

  14. Can we talk about the editing on this? There was no continuity, no theme, just allusions to China and Dubya for some reason. Did anyone else find this unwatchable or just me?

  15. Not just you. I didn't find it unwatchable but did find it a bit disjointed at points.

  16. Alex gray art peaked and they should move on.

  17. I'm with you on this one. I collect all kinds of Tool related memorabilia, but Alex has become the tick and the leech with his constant Tool related cash grabs. Requiring a paid subscription for the chance to buy signed posters sealed my opinion of him. (not that my opinion matters to him or anyone else)

  18. Yes, he did a run of signed tour posters earlier this year. Promoted it like a lot of the other artists, but to be eligible to buy one, you first had to buy a $100 annual membership to CoSM.org. I too have bought signed stuff from him in the past as a collector and he didn't have that requirement nor does he now from what I can tell. I believe it was just for one run of posters. I didn't particularly like his posters from this tour but was annoyed at all the poster nonsense and Alex playing into it.

  19. My dad works in radio, and managed to pick up a few hundred shows through the station, including 60 episodes of the Dr. Demento show!

  20. Incredible! I see the Dr. Demento stuff pop up on occasion. It's still fairly rare though. 60 episodes would bring a good amount these days.

  21. I worked in broadcasting from 1986 to 1995. When I started as a part-timer, I used to play a lot of syndication and was often allowed to bring the records and CDs home after they aired. While I no longer have any of the stuff I played on the air myself, I do have a pretty substantial collection of old radio syndication on vinyl, CD, and one ELO concert on half-track reels from 1977. The most notable is the first nationally syndicated broadcast of Hotmix on vinyl from New Years’ Eve 1990, the ‘80s end of decade special. I’ve put a few sides of it up on my YouTube channel. I also have several countdown shows, and some episodes of Off The Record with Mary Turner. I’m always looking for more, but finding it at reasonable prices doesn’t happen often.

  22. That's great. When I was growing up, a high school buddy of mine worked one shift at the local station playing the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40. He had the forethought to save them, and by the end of high school he had crates full of them. He let me come in with him one Sunday night and taught me how to work the board, load commercial cartridges, etc. And he let me keep the show so I still have the July 18-19, 1987 Rick Dees vinyl.

  23. Now that is an expensive hobby. These reels go for like $700+ apiece and yours look to be in EX condition. $4000 in this photograph and I would believe even more.

  24. Wow! I had no idea. They didn't go for that when I picked them up. Everything music related seems to have just gone crazy in terms of price except for maybe CDs.

  25. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1291944559/led-zeppelin-houses-of-the-holy-712ips-4?gpla=1&gao=1&

  26. Thanks. I've seen those. Unfortunately, they aren't the official release. That guy does make some amazing reproductions though. And I do appreciate you looking!

  27. I guess you also have a passion for Dream Theater 😛

  28. Ha, it took me a moment. I do like some of their stuff but it is my wife that is the player.

  29. Will you ever add a B&O to your collection?

  30. Those have a great anesthetic, dont they? I would seriously consider it if I had a good spot for one. The B&O Beocenters seemed so advanced in their day.

  31. I'm thinking maybe the Star Wars opening crawl text on that slanted ceiling. It would tie in with the theatre sinage.

  32. Omg. Just heard it! Is my new favorite right here! If I had an award, I'd give it to ya.

  33. Glad you like it! That song is a slow build but is really great especially when it peaks.

  34. Looks like you might have the chance to decide how hard :) Congratulations, you won this giveaway!

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