1. Edwin Encarnacion. Rarely see him come up even though he's only been retired a couple years. Dude hit 30+ HRs for 8 straight seasons.

  2. Most home runs in the 2010’s…. Maybe an outside shot at the HOF? 424 career HR’s

  3. Maybe say something to someone instead of sitting there like a lemming.

  4. Fuck no, this team would be KD, FVV and 7 10 day contracts rotating through.

  5. I got $50 on Mo Bamba that reach advantage is just too much for Doc’s son to overcome

  6. Pardon my ignorance, but if Brooklyn wasn’t planning on extending him anyways, what leverage does Kyrie have? Just finish out the season and sign wherever you want in ~ 4 months…

  7. If he's traded now to a team that wants him they can go over the cap to sign him and there isn't much cap space in the league at the moment.

  8. Ok… but what leverage does that give Kyrie? The Nets can just hold on to him and compete for a championship this season, they’re in 4th place. They aren’t going to find a better talent then Kyrie.

  9. I still think he’s better than Kirk but it’s nice to see him on the list either way

  10. “As much as the east is bunched up, the west in reaaally tight” directional innuendo at its finest

  11. I think we’re talking about the ones Westbrook got carrying shitty Thunder teams to the playoffs, but he cherry picked a few rebounds on a 44-10-17 game?

  12. Exact point I was just making in a comment section a minute ago. Makes no sense to trade a coveted player. Some people's dopamine receptors goes nuts. Why trade gold for silver?

  13. Roster is retooling… The new championship window revolves around Barnes. OG’s offensive game is limited & there are reports OG is unhappy. Raptors struggle to bring in free agents… if you want a deeper & cheaper team it starts with trading OG.

  14. We go out for ramen or pho at least once a week rotating through our favorite spots throughout the fall/winter. Santouka, Isshin, Ikkousha, Midori, Sansotei, Kyouka, Konjiki for ramen. Madame Saigon, Pho Metro and Hanoi 3 seasons for pho.

  15. Wow! They must have somewhere really important to go…

  16. Most people don't like to be reminded that their lives are worthless compared to thousand year old traditions. Sorry but that's just how the world works. The Royal Guard is marching towards you? You get out of the way. Don't like it? Stage a revolution and hope for the best.

  17. So, if it were a bigger guy standing there… someone the guards couldn’t just trample over, I’d imagine they would likely take a step to the left or right to avoid staggering back, correct?

  18. The suns are playing wainwright and Saric at the same time and ppl tryna tell me the suns don’t need wing help

  19. He’s 100% getting traded before the team gets home.

  20. Nice to know God had a huge pimple on his forehead too!

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